7 magic tricks of giving life to dead bloggers

Dead-end-bloggersThe bloggers who have lifeless blogs themselves also become dead bloggers. Dead bloggers are ones who have lost all the blogging inspiration and nothing to deliver to their viewers. Blogging should be synchronized well and should be in a well ordered format. Your blogging tasks should be in your to-do list. Blogging should be on the top of the list. Contradictory to this, for dead bloggers blogging will appear at the bottom-most position of the to do list.

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Motivation is required for all the bloggers. So the ones who have turned out to be a dead bloggers read these magic tricks of giving lives to them.

7 magic tricks of giving life to dead bloggers

1. Read blogs on motivation daily

Motivational blogs are a dose for the dead bloggers. It is very important to boost up their spirits and no other way can be as appropriate as this.

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Follow the path suggested by the professional bloggers of your niche. If you consider them to your mentor then obey what they are saying what you should do in such kind of situation.

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2. Change the look of your blog

The old ruddy look of your blog which has stopped giving you result will make you hate it. So give a new sparkling look to your blog. This will give you the enthusiasm to live up as a blogger once again.

Change the header image of your blog. Keep it changing with the latest trends which the readers will admire and inject in life to the blog as well as the dead bloggers. Freshen up your design graphics. Use new color effects and picture effects and also give a new font style to your blog posts.

3. Deliver fresh content

Contents are the oxygen of your blogs. One of main reasons of creating dead bloggers is they fail to deliver quality content and readers stop visiting their blogs. Find out new post ideas and create posts on them. Also make sure that you have an eye-catchy post title to attract website visitors

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4. New blog promotional strategies

Your previously used promotional strategies din’t work, so you should try for new promotional strategies. If visitors din’t come in then through those strategies then make them come through these. Blogging cannot prosper without effective marketing strategies and marketing plan.  This is a time and patience seeking job, so adopt for the new ones.

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5. Start sending outbound links

Sending outbound links means linking the posts of other bloggers to your blog. Visitors visiting your posts will also visit the posts written by other bloggers. In that case your website will be considered as a source of referral traffic to their blog and they will also give you back links in turn.

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This will also build good relation with other fellow bloggers of your niche. Relations with other bloggers with give you some positive insights to resume blogging again.

6. Start giving value

You are depressed with the behavior of your visitors. They are putting down your expectation by not linking to you and reverting back via comments and social shares. But did you do anything to give them due respect for visiting your blog? Did you reply to their comments ? Did you interact with them on social media?  Did you make them understand the utility of your post for them? Did you reward their efforts of visiting your articles?

These types of negligence turns out for making dead bloggers.

7. Why you became a blogger?

Some negative factors made you turn out to be a dead bloggers. But remember the cause of stepping down into the blogosphere . Over times the motivation of the bloggers keep falling but rewind your memory back in time and recollect the things that inspired you to become a blogger. This will help the dead bloggers in putting things in perspective.

This will also fan the motivation of the dead bloggers.

Bottom lines on dead bloggers

Blogging is just like fishing. Once in your trap then you are lucky and if not then you feel it’s you bad luck. But it not really your bad luck. You ought to have put some effort if you find the things not working out, else dead bloggers starts arising.

What do you do whenever your inspirations falls down?

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