4 Things you will miss out without proper blog planning!

Proper-Blog-PlanningYour frequent blog posts will make you lose track of the messages you want to convey to your visitors and to what direction your posts are headed. In such case proper blog planning is a must. Blogging without planning is like jumping into a lake without measuring it’s water depth. Lack of blog planning will make your blogging efforts go a waste and trust me it reflects on your posts too.

Beware if your readers are getting lost while reading your blog post, if they find the structure of your blog to be distorted or they find your blog posts to be something other than what the niche is, it implies the deficiency of blog planning. So if you come across such kind of blogs any time then don’t think that you are lacking the power to understand, rather the blogger wrote the post without  proper blog planning .

4 Things you will miss out without proper blog planning

  •  Lack of creativity

Blogging without planning lacks creativity. Blogging is all about expressing your creativity and the voice of your mind. Creativity lacks when you don’t put a plan behind your post and start writing without thinking what it is all about. Instead of enhancing your creativeness you decline it.

An appropriate thing to do will be; have a rough guide in your mind which will have the laid structure of  your post and will keep you focused on what you are writing upon. Proper blog planning will make you elaborate more on your subject rather than cutting it down. After all it is better to write more and be expressive rather than writing less and making your post appear uncompleted.

  • Prevent your readers to remain loyal to you

A well planned blog gives a streamlined flow to all the blog posts. All your posts will follow a similar sequence and your readers will also know what they will get from your post. Lack of proper blog planning will prevent them from being loyal to you. The haphazardness of your posts irritates the readers and they don’t feel like reading your posts. Readers should read your articles completely then only they will be able to ascertain the quality.

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  • Lack of blog planning hurts revenue generation

A well planned blog will generate revenue for you in some time or later. Inflow of money starts too late but if proper planning is done then efforts will never go a waste. Proper use of money generation tools like subscriptions, advertisements, paid links should be used in a well planned manner. Of course web traffic is also important for this.

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  • Lack of proper balancing

A properly balanced blog means healthy web traffic, good revenue generation, high Klout score, positive comments, etc. You planned well then only then you were benefited with these. It comes from proper balancing which in turn comes from blog planning.

Concluding Words !!

At the end of the day it is all of your’s efforts that brings out success for you. A well defined blog planning is not all about you following some strict formulas. It is all about making a rough guideline so that you can focus upon what you are planning to do.

Do you believe in blog planning?

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