7 metrics analytics which a blogger should not miss out

metrics-analyticsA blogger has to do lots. Blogger has to write, search for information, do social shares, optimize blogs and many more which a blogger should not miss out.  There are some metrics analytics which a blogger should not miss out. These metrics analytics gives you an idea of what is working on your blog, what is the maximum source of your blog visitors and who are your returning visitors and many more.

There are a few simple metrics analytics which you can define within your business that can help you determine if your website is engaging to the users and to uncover any issues your visitors are having with your site.

7 metrics analytics which a blogger should not miss out.

1. Page Views

This metrics analytics should not be missed out by a blogger. The number of pages being viewed in its blog should be kept into account. Advertisers will post their ads only in those pages rather I would say that they will prefer to do it. This will enable fast money making from your blog.

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The various trends can also be analized with from the page views like the number of days in a week your blog is getting maximum visitors so that you specially schedule your blog for those days.

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2. Frequency of new visitors and returning visitors

There are two types of visitors visiting our website – one are the new visitors and the others are the returning visitors. These returning visitors are the actual loyal visitors of your site and are a boon to our website. Your metrics analytics should have this statistical record.

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This metrics analytics is common to all the blogs. The more increasing number of returning visitors will prove that they are turning out to be loyal to your website and they are hence your targeted audience.

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3. Bounce rate

Bounce rate will give the analytics that website visitors are visiting a certain page of your website and leaving it. If the bounce rate is high then this should not happen. Visitors visiting your blog should stay there, then only they will promote it and give your blog a rank hike.

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The longer your visitors are staying on your blog, the better the growth it has. This will also give you  a feeling that visitors love reading your articles more and more.

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 4. Amount of money being made.

It is after all money for which businesses are setup and they continue. This kind of metrics analytics is important for all businesses. Money doesn’t start flowing in to a blogger in the very initial stage of blogging.  It takes time for it. You have to contribute a lot of your time, patience, efforts and strategies to monetize your blog. Once you have started with it then keep a record of the metrics analytics of the money coming in.

5. Traffic coming in from search engines

You bookmark your sites, post yahoo answers, get back links by posting comments on others articles just to get web traffic and being recognized by google.

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 6. Profitable Keyword

Our blog posts are noticed by the visitors with the help of keywords. Keep a track of the metrics analytics revealing what are the keywords that are being typed by the website visitors which make them come across to your website. These are actually the profitable keywords for your blog posts. Search for the keywords which have  a low competition and high search volume. Google AdWords will help you out with it.

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7. Number of Mobile users

Mobile phones are also a source of website visitors for your blog. Tablets, iphones and many other smart phones have given the ease of surfing the net to the users. Some of your users who are most of the time travelling prefer to read your articles only on mobile phones. In that case if your blog is not optimized for mobile phones then they might not visit your blog again.

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So while considering the other metrics analytics do not miss this out.

Concluding words

So, this post is all about making you realize the important metrics analytics that should not be missed out by a blogger. Find out the growth of your website / blog with the help of these metrics analytics. The source of your visitors, the reasons of the decreasing number of visitors to your website and many more.

What are the metrics analytics that you consider for your blog?

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