8 Ways that takes blog readers away from your blog

visitorYou might have thousands of blog visitors but you will have only hundreds of  blog readers. It is these blog readers which will fetch you ample amount of web traffic,  motivate you to write, give you even post ideas through their comments, questions and suggestions.

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So the prime most importance for a blogger should be his blog readers. You have to care about every bit of their activities – like their likes and dislikes, whether they are reading the complete article or not, etc,

It takes a lot of time to make visitors of your blog sites turn into loyal readers. You ought to love them and care for them, and in return they will love you personally.

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But it takes not even a second to take blog readers away from your blog site. They go never to come back and you don’t even know the reason for this till the time you get any harsh comment. But it’s too late by then.

What are the ways that takes blog readers away from your blog?

1. You come too late to the point

If you take too much time to come to the point, by writing a lot of useless stuffs then your readers will get bored and move away from your blog. Visitors are coming to your blog to get useful and to the point information. If they don’t get it they will definitely hate your article.

2. Not replying to the comments of blog readers.

The loyal blog readers of your blog site like the content written by you and post lovely comments in your comment section. But you don’t turn out to them and reply to their comments. Will they like this? Its a big NO to this. All they would feel is they are of no value to you. This is annoying for them and they move away from you.

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3. You are speaking only about your own self

You write for your blog readers, don’t you? Then why do you speak about your own self? The more you make the use of the words “you. your” in your website, the more your readers will feel homely and will be keen to read what you are saying about them. This is how they will love you. And the very moment you start using too much of ” my ” in your article your readers will move away from you.

4. Giving useless post titles

You gave an exciting post title which is liked by your blog readers and they start reading your article. No sooner they realize that are reading something contradictory to what you have committed in the title. All they do is that they post a harsh comment or simply move away to another site where they will get a sufficient amount of information. If they get any then they become a loyal blog reader of that site.

5. No frequent updates

Your blog readers know the usual publishing time of your blog and visit regularly for the latest updates. Supposing for day’s long they don’t find any updates of blog posts in your website. They check  for the updates – one , two or maximum three days and then what? They loose hope of getting any more updates of your posts and stop switching over to your blog site.

6. Lack of images

“Images are more powerful than words” – do you agree? Images give life to your blog post. Your blog readers will understand in a glance of an image what your blog post is all about which you will describe in hundreds of words. A blog post without any image is no less than a lifeless plot of barren land. Use at least one but use a good quality image to make the post sparkling and meaningful.

7. Lack of Information

Have you ever thought that why a layman reads blog posts? They basically do so to get information. If blog readers will not find your post to be informative they will not like to read any more. You can provide information either by listing direct points or by telling a real secret of yours which will give some message to the audience. Your blog must teach some thing to the blog readers.

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8. Grammatical mistakes

This is a self preventable error which a blogger can avoid by proofreading his/her article. Do you know that some blog readers read blog posts only to make their english and grammar strong. In that case you become the mentor of your blog readers. What an impression will it make on them if their mentor itself is making too many mistakes. They will prefer to chose some other blogger as a mentor rather than you. In this way you pass on one of yours blog readers to some one else.

 Final Words

It is very difficult to make someone love you but it is very easy to make someone hate you. You have to put in a lot of effort to make your blog readers love you but you yourself will also not know when they will start hating you.

So, take the help of the above mentioned points so that you avoid your blog readers from going away from you.

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