The Best Blogging Apps for Android Phones & Tablets

Best Blogging Apps for Android

Are you an Android user & looking for best blogging apps for your phone? If yes, you have come to the right place as I have curated a mega list of Android apps which will help you in blogging.

These Android blogging apps will help you to manage your blog, blog from your smartphone, take notes, reading & more similar activities which will help you to become a better blogger. Personally, I keep only those apps which I use often & helps me to manage my blog effectively. One of the habit which I have developed lately is to read new articles related to my niche when I’m waiting at a bus-stop or at some office. By the end of the day, time is money!
Android OS is the hot favorite of people simply because of the features it offers which are utilized to the fullest by the use of applications from Play Store. Countless applications available in the Play Store followed by a different feature and functionality in almost each of them makes the Android OS amongst users. An Android phone equipped with an internet connection is all you need to manage your blogs whilst you are on-the-go. So you don’t need to be dependent on a desktop or laptop to be available for checking the stats of one of your blogs. In this post we shall be covering the 5 useful android apps for Bloggers.

Top Blogging Apps for Android Devices:

1. WordPress

WordPress mobile blogging app

WordPress have an official mobile blogging app which let you manage your free & self-hosted WordPress blog. You can also blog from your mobile & this is a fully-featured blogging app for your blog. If you just want to start blogging, you should download this app (Free) & create your blog instantly. If you are running a self-hosted WordPress blog like mine (Reworkengine), you can add your blog using the app, and do all the activities such as writing new post, check stats, moderate comments, upload images & so on. This app is constantly updated with new features & is #1 choice after Tumblr blogging app.

Download app

2) Tumblr App

Best tumblr app Android

Tumblr is another popular blogging app on Android OS & this platform is being used by users differently than  WordPress. You can publish tumblr posts, schedule posts, reblog somebody else post, in short manage your tumble blog from the flick of your thumb. If you have more than one Tumblr blog, no worries as this official app let you manage multiple Tumblr blogs.

Download Tumblr Android app

3. Hootsuite

This is the best-suited application for all the social network fans who like leaving their footprints in a while. Using Hoot Suite you can easily send your updates to Facebook and Twitter from anywhere. Also, you can set-up scheduled updates followed by real time click through rates which can be viewed easily.

4. Blogger app for android

Blogger Android App

If you happen to have a Blogger/Blogspot blog, then here’s the app you need for managing your blog. The Blogger app for android made by Google itself is amongst the fastest apps on the Play Store and also allows you to add posts, tags, categories and much more. The app also supports over 70 languages which makes it super convenient to have the blog app in the preferred language.

Download Blogger Android  app

5. PayPal

Paypal Android App

Bloggers deal with sending and receiving payments every other day so the PayPal app for android makes all this very easy and allows you to deal whilst on the go. Using this application you can view all recent transactions, send money and even request a payment. Although it is all backed up, I personally feel a little uncomfortable whilst logging into banking accounts using mobile devices due to the security reasons. The PayPal app deals with the user login id in such a manner that the security is high and the risk of losing out the login id is negligible.

6. Evernote

Evernote Android App

The most efficient app I have personally come across till date. Evernote is all hands down…it’s the best use of cloud services made in such a manner that the user can take notes, capture pictures, create to-do lists and even record audio. This is the app you need for noting down all the creative ideas and then using them to lay down a plan for your blog. It acts like a secondary memory for me which keeps intact all the ideas and prompts which my brain comes across whilst walking down the streets.

Download Evernote

If you are aware or using any such app which helps the cause of blogging and minimizes the work and effort, please do feel free to share it along with us in the comment section.


  1. Aditya says

    Most people wouldn’t use PayPal partially because they are scared to make transactions on a phone or even do anything with their money from a phone.

    The other mentions are good but I’d say GAnalytics and WebRank SEO are very useful as well. The official Google Analytics app is a big disaster so I use the one I’ve mentioned above.

    • says

      Hi Aditya,

      Yes you are correct that some people are really scared about doing monetary transactions through mobile phones still now. Offcourse there are reasons for it too. I myself found some issues with HDFC app, which used to stay online even after logging out properly. The other two apps Ganalytics and Webrank are good ones. Will try them out personally for sure.

  2. Khaja moin says

    Hootsuite will be my first priority among all of them, not sure about other apps.

    Will be more helpful if you would have given links to those apps.


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