Are You Using Email, Social Media And Mobile Effectively?

Mobile-Email-Social Media

Effective email marketing rules

1) Make the most of your subject lines as they are the first to capture the receiver’s attention. They should be no more than 60 characters so get to the point about your exclusive offers straight away.

2) Target your emails so that the customer receives only particular types of emails they are interested in. Targeting emails helps increase open and click-through rates as well as prevent people from unsubscribing

3) Provide easy unsubscribe options at the bottom of each email. Otherwise, your emails may easily end up in the spam folder if the subscriber doesn’t want to receive them.

4) For truly effective emails, include a clear call-to-action in every email.

5) Focus on a single marketing message when launching an email campaign. Several commercial messages in the same email can be more difficult to understand and respond to as they require more attention which is not always possible on the go.

Ways to have a strong social impact

1)  Contribute something of value, or no one will listen. Make sure to provide valuable content for your followers to generate more responses. If you are just adding noise, customers may choose to “unfollow” or “unlike”.

2) Avoid looking spammy. Constant self-promotion is not very effective so think of clever ways to remind the customer about your brand. Share your experience and knowledge instead.

3) Don’t monopolise the conversation. A monologue is not a successful marketing strategy, so give followers an opportunity to respond.

4) Integrate your social channels with email, mobile as well as your website and blog to engage with more customers.

Steps to mobile strategies that work

1) Keep it simple. This is the key to attracting customers on the go. Make your ads convenient and efficient by adding “call now” and “visit our store” options, which is stated to increase the number of clicks on mobile ads by 11,5%.

2) Target the locals. As consumers are more likely to shop locally, give clear directions to your company to encourage mobile users to visit.

3) Optimise for mobile. Make sure your website and email are mobile-friendly, with large icons and short punchy messages, so that everyone can read them easily.

Last Words!

According to recent Everlytic research, about 61% of people constantly check their email, which is 1-2 hours per day spent on email. Google Internal Data show that the number of mobile searchers has increased by 400% since 2010. If you want to engage with email, social and mobile users, it’s important to use these powerful channels effectively.

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