Top 5 Backlink Checker & Link Management tools For SEO

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Looking for the best & reliable Backlink checker? Wondering how many backlinks your website have?

Even a lot has changed in SEO in past couple of years, but backlink is still the most dominating part when it comes to search engine ranking. It’s important for anyone to keep an eye on number of backlinks to their site & as well as the site of your competitor.Building one-way links from quality website relevant to your industry is the most effective way to improve rankings for your website.

I have checked over 12 such sites & made a list of websites which let you check total number of backlinks to any domain, and let you analyze stuff such as anchor text, dofollow or nofollow links which helps you to make better SEO strategy. So, without waiting, pick one of the below listed tool & check number of links to your domain.

Top Backlink Checker tools For Link Analysis:

This list is in the order of my preference. There are many free tools available to check backlinks, but the problem with them is they are unreliable. They are updated in time, and most of the time data is not accurate. On the other hand, there are few Freemium (Free to try) tools which give you a comprehensive overview of backlinks to your website or your competitor website.

So, let’s have a look at the tool that you can use right away.


If you are serious about search engine optimization, you must have heard of this awesome tool call SEMRUSH. This tool is more than just a backlink checker, as you can use it for broken backlink building technique, check keyword ranking & most important you can spy the keyword of any website. More on the spy part later, for now let me show you how you can check backlinks with SEMRUSH.

  • Login to your SEMRUSH account (Use this link for 14 days free trial)
  • Type your’s or your competitor website address.
  • Click on backlinks column on the left side & it will show you the total number of links pointing the website. (See below screenshot)

Backlink checker tool

Click on the backlinks or Anchors to see more detailed report. I clicked on the Backlinks & it showed me this detailed info about every backlink my site got till now. This included anchor text & nofollow, the dofollow status of the link.

detailed backlink report

If you are a blogger or represent  SEO agency, this tool offers state of art backlink checker & analysis. This is a paid search engine marketing tool & I have this exclusive offer for Reworkengine readers to try SEMRUSH pro version for free which is worth $140+. You can cancel your subscription within 14 days if you decide not to use it & you won’t be charged anything. 🙂

Take 14 days free trial of SEMRUSH

Majestic SEO

majestic online backlink anchor text

Majestic SEO is a website browser that allows you to see which sites are linking to your competitor pages. This will help you in getting great ideas for link building.  Majestic is a great resource for pulling back data for charting and comparing your overall profile in the industry. It is one of the preferable link management tools because it is user-friendly and has a great deal of links data which you can access for free.

The program offers a free report for any site you control. Link management tools like Majestic SEO allows the users to access the sub-domains, pages, links, referring domains, images, NoFollow Links and Redirects. By verifying the ownership of the domain, users can obtain a more detailed report that will include the unique links and their anchor text.

Majestic SEO has been addressed as the largest link intelligent database on the planet. Among the other link management tools, Majestic SEO has the largest index of its kind publicly available.

Raven SEO Tools

Raven SEO Tools is best suited among the link management tools but as some great tools specifically for link building, this tool is also very helpful in managing contact and directory submissions. It also provides link monitoring tools that are very helpful in tracking changes made on other sites automatically.

Raven was initially designed for SEO’s, but they now feature quite a few extra features for other disciplines of internet marketing. Apart from the other link management tools we have discussed so far, Raven is not free, and it provides paid service. But this paying is worth the facilities it provides.

It provides integration with the 3rd party tool to pull all the campaign data together. Raven is a fully hosted web app like the other link management tools. It automatically gives an alert if any changes have occurred on an active link if NoFollow attribute is added, the anchor text changed, the PageRank changed, or the link was removed.


This is not a typical backlink checker website rather it is a site that helps you to create links. It requires manual work & helps in blogger outreach.

Buzzsumo backlink prospect tool

BuzzStream offers a comprehensive link management system including modules that focus on link research, prospect relationship management and back link tracking and analysis. Unlike the above mentioned Raven SEO tool, BuzzStream is specially designed to aid the link. Rather it was designed to be the link management tools.

It helps in automating redundant tasks in database building. BuzzStream link building tools are very robust for link detection, suggestions, relationship management and link control.

So Which tool are you using for Checking backlinks?

As SEO is turning out to be a big business, more and more link management tools are coming up in the market.  What are your preferred other Backlink checker & link management tools ? Do let all us know so that it can be used by us.

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