Basics of blog post length !!

Blog-post-lengthLike other blogging issues, blog post length is also a confusing issue for the bloggers. Some belief that writing lengthy posts is advantageous and some belief that short posts are advantageous. This contradicting myth of blog post length is very simple actually. You are there to blog in order to express your thoughts and views. If you can express well till 500 words then that is the appropriate blog post length and if you do it in 1000 words then that is the appropriate blog post length.What is your motivation of writing blog posts- Is it your insights which you want to place it in front of the whole world through the medium of blogging or it is only attracting your audience, having a good page rank in Google and making money.

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Advantages of writing a lengthy blog post

Longer blog post length is more descriptive and covers all the topics deeply. Readers don’t have to move for any further information for the topic. They will get the full details of it in the lengthy posts. The more is the blog post length the more is the probability of it to be the pillar content .  Pillar content is a very important concept in blog content strategy. Such kind of contents remain true for the prevailing years and are strongly referred.

Disadvantagse of writing a lengthy blog post

A lengthy blog post takes more time to be written. The time you allotted for one long post could have been utilized in writing one or two more. Other than this longer blog post length requires searching of more and more information, supporting examples, your experiences and other’s reviews. This time could have been utilized in doing something useful.

The greater  is the blog post length the greater are the chances of your visitors to move away from post.Remember your readers don’t have that much time to read your lengthy articles and that also if it is excessively descriptive. So be very considerate with your blog post length.

Way of making your lengthy post work

It is not that a lengthy blog post will never work. It will work provided if it is presentable and has strictly followed the design principles. Break your content in proper segments and give suitable headings and sub-headings. Give an eye-catchy post title so that readers hold on till the completion of the article.

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Advantages of writing a short blog post

Posts having shorter blog post length grab the attention of the audience easily. Online readers come online to search for information which is short and precise because they have short time in hand. So if they find any such then their eyes gets affixed to that first. Your readers have only 5 seconds for you, they get attracted towards your blog within that time. Make them read your blog post and stay to your site for a longer time.

Smaller is the blog post length lesser time is taken in doing the researches, experimentation and verification. You can write more within one day when you prefer short blog post length. You can even break a lengthy post into smaller ones by making a series of posts. This will make readers become loyal to you and make them come back to your blog to read the next continuation of the series. This will also enhance subscriptions of Email Newsletters or RSS feeds to your blog.

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Disadvantages of writing short blog posts

You are not much expressive in short posts. It doesn’t contain much of information and depth wise content. So there are less chances of receiving comments. Such kind of posts do not give much opportunity to readers to discuss upon. So it inhibits them to to be engaged in doing social shares or socially bookmark it.

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Ways of making your short posts work

Make your self an expert in writing short blog posts. Make your post precise and convey your message within those handful words. After all blogging is way of conveying your message to your readers doesn’t matter what is your blog post length.

Concluding words on blog post length

Some of the burning questions of a blogger are – What do I write about? How to I reach out to my targeted audience? What do I to make my readers stay in my blog and read my article completely? How do bring my blog up in the Google raking ? One such burning question is How long my blog post should be?

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I believe that this blog post has provided you the answers for your questions regarding the blog post length? Waiting to see your view in the comments section.

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