Basics of Google Keyword Density !

Keyword-DensityWhat is google keyword density ?

Google keyword density is a measure of how often a keyword or a keyword phrase is used in your web page. Google uses this as a factor to determine how relevant your website is in a search. The discussion of  keyword seems to begin any SEO chat. Whether you are a newbie or an experienced blogger you cannot avoid this factor of keyword density.

Importance of google keyword density

Keyword tags are an important element in all web pages. They are one of the best ways of   optimizing the number of visitors on your website. They are what search strings are matched against, so they are a very important SEO element. Choosing the right keywords to optimize for is the first and the most crucial step for successful SEO campaign.

A content is said to be a quality one if it provides all the information that is necessary for the user but do not forget about the keyword because ultimately these keywords will connect your visitors to your article.

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Choose an appropriate keyword and maintain its density throughout so that it is viewed by the visitors and accepted by the google bots. Google Adwords will help you to come across the right set of keywords. Keyword research is a pain staking and time consuming work but if rightly chosen then will give you a continuous flow of web traffic.

But only thinking about the google keyword density will effect the quality of your content. Search engines prefer quality content now days first and then google keyword density and SEO are secondary things. Long tail keywords are highly targeted and will make you stand up in the crowd.

Where should keywords be used?

  • Your HTML title tag
  • Your Meta Description
  • Your Meta Keyword (for other engines)
  • Your Main heading (h1)
  • In sub headings (h2 – h6)
  • The alt tag

What are the different categories of keywords?

  • Primary Keyword

A primary keyword is the keyword or keyword-phrase that you’ll use before all other keywords. They are given the most importance while optimizing a web page. They appear on the most vital areas of your article like your heading, in the first and the last 50 lines of your content, the sub headings,etc. This google keyword density is calculated on the primary keyword.

When a search engine indexes a web page, it’s those first words that tell the search engines (1)  what the web page is about and (2) what are the search queries that web page should respond to.

  • Secondary keywords

Secondary keywords are the ones that are less important than the primary keywords and also supports the primary key for its marketing.  Secondary keywords are not that necessary than the primary keywords, however they are embedded into your web page. Apart from this secondary keywords increase the chances of the number of visitors to be attracted to your blog.

They form a lesser proportion of the google keyword desity. They are the keywords that other sites have already optimized for.

  • Tertiary Keywords

Tertiary keywords are a group of keywords or keywords phrases that are used after the secondary keyword.  Like the secondary keywords they also increase the chances of attracting visitors to your website.

What is the standard google keyword density?

The standard google keyword density is 2-3 % to be maintained in a blog post. Too low a percentage will make your blog irrelevant and too high percentage with reject your website by the google bots. So be specific within this range.

How to calculate keyword density

Suppose you have 100 words in your blog post and your keywords are appearing 3 times. The keyword density is calculated by simply dividing the number of times a particular keyword is appearing by the total number of words in the article. So in this case it will be 0.03. Since keyword density is a percentage so multiply it with 100. Thus the keyword density is 3 %

Limitation of google keyword density

Even though google keyword density is measured by the number of times a particular keyword is appearing in the article but it should not be unnecessarily used in the same line or paragraph again and again. In that case google bots will reject your website as an artificial site or spam site.

Bottom lines

Since google carries 65 % market share, we as SEOs should focus more on the content and making a blog brand rather than the google keyword density.

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But too many keywords will make it difficult to be read by the visitors. But it is this google keyword density which makes your article visible to the readers.

Do you give much importance on google keyword density or on your web content.

What percentage of google keyword density you usually maintain for your blog posts?


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