How To Be Popular On Twitter & Become Loveable

Become popular on Twitter

In today’s Internet world probably nobody needs an introduction to Twitter. It’s one of the ways to find friends, but we can easily see that not everyone joining Twitter holds equal value or authority. Users who are most popular on Twitter are not much different from the others, but they do things differently.

Just like in the other fields of life, not every person becomes a leader or an image everyone would like to follow, the same goes here in Twitter.  Although the basics requirements are same in both the situations there are some critical differences in becoming a famous figure in real life and your electronic life.

What Makes You Stand Out And Popular On Twitter?

The things that make you stand out in Twitter solely lies in what you do inside Twitter unless you are a celebrity in your real life who are popular on Twitter. Use your follower’s natural instinct to your advantage. Everyone wants quality things in their life, whether be it thoughts, wisdom, references, friends, humor or your services. Send them something that adds value to their life, they are bound to follow you. And your time will be well invested.

5 Proven tips to become popular & authentic on Twitter?

In the starting of your new account no one will be there in your followers list, so we will need to increase that over time. Remember, people checks your references and credits by checking whom you follow to understand your tastes and choices. So think twice whom you follow in the first place. It’s best to follow people who are related to your likings and business that you would like to flourish over time. And always make sure just not to follow the big honchos, as it might portray a nonfriendly image of yours.

Do not over think!

Over thinking in some cases is a time killer. A tweet unless it’s grossly offending or very much useful, it stays in users mind for about 10 seconds to 5 minutes. So, spending a lot amount of time behind one tweet that you are about to send out would not be a great idea at least in the starting point. Let your mind flow and send over something receptive and meaningful to your followers. They would be happy to read it.

Be Slow But Move Forward

Building relation is a gradual process; a user may follow you today on Twitter, but it takes the time to make him follow your words and suggestions. So build a relation gradually with your followers, reply to their messages if you have time, try to congratulate them on their accomplishments, give genuine advice and always be in a connection. Simply make them feel at home. Slowly, they will not only follow you in twitter but also from the heart. The perfect recipe to build your brand, and get popular on twitter.

Do not over share & over promote yourself!

Twitter oversharing

Over-promotion is a turn off when showcasing your product, your audience should not feel you are trying to sell them something. To be popular on Twitter, Instead prove to them you are trying to help them. No one wants to part away with their hard earned money easily, but it becomes easier to help people with genuine suggestions when you are in a relation.  Stop convincing them, and draw your real life instances so they don’t feel they are being advertised to. Also, make sure you maintain a critical ratio of communication to promotion as of at least 10:1, else you will lose many valuable followers.

Stick To A Schedule!

Remember the fact, Twitter is a micro blogging platform. And a person who likes you does wait for your updates. If you are changing your schedule frequently or do not have one, there is very little chance he will keep a look for your update all day long. And eventually you will lose your connection.

These are basic things to keep an eye on to be popular on Twitter after you start your Twitter account, or you decide to get more followers than you are following. There are more things to keep in mind, throughout the ongoing journey, which will be discussing soon. Also do check this video for some more tips to manage your account effectively and be popular on Twitter.

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  1. Settler says

    I followed lots of thing to get famous on twitter but not get success, now will try your tips, I wish get some value 🙂

  2. Akos Fintor says

    Hey Anubhab,

    Twitter can be a goldmine if used in the right way.
    The key to is (as you point to it in your post) giving. Giving value, content, attention and so on.

    Any social site is like a party in my opinion. So, let’s have fun!

    Thank you for sharing your insight on the subject!

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