Benefits of targeting long tail keywords

long-tail-keywordsLong tail keywords are the combination of two or three and even more words or keywords itself. Such kind of keywords are specifically uncommon keywords and are capable enough of drawing enough of traffic. Long tail keywords are more explanatory that the short phrases. Basically the main intention of using long tail keywords is that the searchers have a specific target and they come across their desired information very fast with the help of long tail keywords.

Benefits of Long Tail Keywords

#1 Low competition

Long tail keywords usually have a low search volume and low competition but is usually beneficial for newbies. Thus if a web page is optimized with a long tail keywords then the page is likely to rank well in Google. Rather it enhances the prospects of Google search rankings. These long tail keywords enhances the conversion rate – from website visitors to loyal visitors , or from no money to money making.

#2  Provides loyal visitors to website

Long tail keywords are basically meant for the searchers who are looking for a specific information and that also with a fixed target. They come across these specific information with these long tail keywords. You as a blogger is definitely more interested in having returning visitors rather than one time visitor.

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Quality traffic is far more important than quantity traffic because it can take you to your upfront.

#3 Enhances money making

Long tail keywords are important for pay per click campaigns. It can be a lucrative tactic to target long tail keywords for your online business. Less people will notice the advertisements but the ones noticing it are more likely to click on it and generate revenue for you.

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 # 4 Increased conversion

These kind of keywords are basically meant for visitors who are specific with what they are searching for.  So they are likely to stay and become loyal to your website. This is exactly what you aim for. Long tail keywords are basically for low search volume, for low competition and for more revenue.

Final words

Long tail keywords allows you to enjoy better conversion rate so that you can enjoy the maximum SEO benefits and this conversion rate is very high as compared to short keywords. Short tail keyword allows you get bulk traffic but long tail keyword will provide quality traffic.

It provides useful leads to run a profitable business. Do you opt for these?


  1. Khaja Moin says

    Yes Anubhab,
    You`re right.
    Long tail keywords helps to increase more traffic, but you must be prefect in keyword research to get good number of long tail keywords.
    BTW which tool you use for keyword research other than Google keyword tool. I have market samurai.
    I use both of them.


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