Best time to post blog posts

Posting-TimeYou must have often heard of the saying that best things should be done at best times. Same notion is applicable for blogging too. You know that there is a best time to post blog posts ? Do you follow this ? You can write any time but you should maintain an appropriate time to publish your blog post or if you are using word press then use blog scheduling to maintain a best time to post blog posts.

This article is all about the best time to post blog posts . So without wasting any time of your’s lets begin the share

How to know the best time to post blog ?

Time when maximum readers are online

Your blog should be published at the time when most of your readers are online. Once you have a handful group of loyal readers they will get accustomed to your blogging pattern as well as its publishing pattern. It is good for you to publish your post when they are about to be online or they are online. Rather I would say that their best time to be online is your best time to post blog posts.

The optimal time for your readers to come online is dependent on the following factors :-

  • Their geographical location

The standard time of different geographical locations varies. The time when Indians are returning home from work, Americans are leaving for work at that time.  So the best time to post blog posts is when the readers of your targeted location are online.

  • When your readers have time

Your readers will definitely not read your articles when they are busy at work. So the publishing time of your blog post should be when they have time to read it. If you do it at an odd time then they will simply have a another post to read other than that of yours which can even take your readers away from you.

Time when maximum readers are doing social shares

It is very important for your blog posts to be socially shared.   If you publish your article at late night when every one is sleeping then you will miss your visitors. Another reason is that it is important for social media traction. Certain social bookmarking sites require bookmarks within very less time gaps just for social media traction. So the best time to post blog posts is when maximum social shares are happening.

Best time of the week to publish blog posts

It is not only the appropriate time of the day when you should publish your posts, the appropriate day of the week also matters. Best time to post blog posts is towards the end of the week. Your readers are fully saturated with their work by the end of the week so they need a change or some brain relaxation tonic. Your timely blog post will help them out with it.

The best time to post blog posts is when others are not posting

This online world is full of competition. Within fraction of seconds your competitor can beat you with his or her blog posts. So you have to be very alert while placing your steps. One setback can make your efforts go a waste. Your article will take longer time to be visible among the visitors if your fellow bloggers are also in the queue. There is a probability of their article being noticed first and if it fulfills users needs then they need not visit any other. So it is appropriate to publish your post when too many bloggers don’t do. But of course the time should be such that you have online visitors.

Advantages of publishing your blog posts at the best time

  1. Chances of getting maximum number of visitors.
  2. Contributes in creating a blog brand.
  3. Helps in holding on the loyal visitors.
  4. Creates a good impact on the blogging career of a blogger.
  5. Helps in getting timely comments.

Time for you to speak

Which is the best time to post blog posts according to you ? Time is one of the precious possessions that we have so we ought to make a proper utilization of time so that it doesn’t go a waste. This best time to post blog posts is a very important strategy in blogging. So don’t miss it if you have been doing it before.


  1. says

    Hi Asiru,

    You are very correct it needs a great deal of research to understand the trend of your readers. After all blogging comes from inside. And once it comes from inside you will get enough interest to do the required research to find the trends of your blog readers.

  2. Joel says

    I have been testing myself. For my purposes, I am leaning towards morning of my target market to be the best time. Let’s be honest: everyone likes to spend a few minutes settling in for the day online before actually working.

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