Most of us work our whole lives to build wealth. Some of us achieve financial freedom while others don’t. There’s no secret that I can give you that will lead to financial stability. But here are ten surprisingly simple steps you can take that can help calm any financial anxieties you may have. Know where your […]


had the most amazing experience this morning at Starbucks. When I reached the drive-thru window to pay for my coffee, I was told that the customer in front of me – a complete stranger – had already paid for my order. The generous stranger didn’t even wait around for a thank-you; he simply drove away. […]

Money Saving Tips Known To Only Millionaire

Have you ever wished your life could just be simple? Today most people desire fewer commitments and less clutter. But did you know the concept of minimalism can also be applied to your finances? Minimalism is a way to get rid of the excess so we can focus on the essential, creating space for what’s […]


he Tibetan leader known as The Dalai Lama has some very insightful quotes. Here are my favorites from a variety of topics such as love, compassion, peace, humanity and the environment. Enjoy 😉 and have a beautiful weekend. Dalai Lama Quotes: 1- Happiness is not something ready-made. It comes from your own actions. 2- If […]

How To Live Your Best Life? Quick tips

I’d like to share with you a short list of helpful tips for living your best life in 2016. I came across something similar to this today when a friend shared it with me. I am not sure of the original source but it really spoke to me, and I hope you find it useful. Here are 32 […]

Top 5 Backlink Checker & Link Management tools For SEO

Looking for the best & reliable Backlink checker? Wondering how many backlinks your website have? Even a lot has changed in SEO in past couple of years, but backlink is still the most dominating part when it comes to search engine ranking. It’s important for anyone to keep an eye on number of backlinks to […]

How to Improve Old Blog Posts to Bring More Traffic

Most bloggers focus only on writing new blog posts on their blogs  to increase their search traffic, but what about the blog posts which are buried in your archives? Drive traffic to old posts by making these simple changes: 1.Improve headlines This is the first criteria to check out to revive old blog posts. Ensure […]

How To Optimize Articles for Both SEO & Readers

No doubt, you need to have a great readership and search engine traffic to make your blogs successful. But, it’s really not so easy especially if you are new to blogging world. One of the mistake most of the newbie bloggers make is by optimizing the article only for readers or for search engine. When […]