Blogging and Marketing should go hand in hand – why?

Blogging-And-MarketingBlogging and Marketing should go hand in hand, have you ever thought about it? You are blogging for many reasons – To express your creativity to your website visitors, to make money, as an hobby, to pursue blogging as a profession, to bring traffic to your main website, and many more. But what is the point of blogging if you are not marketing it. You have to make people know about the existence of your blog.

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Marketing has become a must need in today’s world. Though blogs are itself a medium of marketing but blogs them selves have to be marketed. So blogging and marketing should go hand in hand.

Why should Blogging and Marketing go hand in hand?

1. Marketing can bring quicker results

By results I mean blogging results. Some of the blogging results are – large number of website visitors,  good traffic inflow, positive and frequent commenting, good conversion rate from website visitors to loyal visitors.

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Besides making quality blog posts you should also market them and the old ones. Then only you will have quicker blogging results, the ones which I have mentioned. So do blogging and marketing hand in hand to get quicker blogging results.

2. Effective communication

If you can’t speak let your marketing strategies speak about your blog. Blogging is a medium of speaking your insights to your website visitors and marketing is a medium of describing what the contents of your blog are all about. The message what it conveys to the visitors, the subscriber base of the blog, the popularity of the blog and many more.

Marketing is not only your communication with your visitors but it is their conversations with you too. You can know the likes and dislikes of your website visitors through marketing. Marketing is required for building relations with the website visitors.

The other side of the coin says that if you focus only on marketing and do not deliver your audience will quality and fresh content then your marketing efforts will go down shortly. So both blogging and marketing are important in their own place.

3. Blogging and Marketing together creates a blog brand

Quality content is the key for a successful blogging career but it is not sufficiently enough to create a brand. A product cannot become a brand in the market until and unless it’s awareness is spread out and it is popular. Same is the case of blogging. So blogging and marketing should be mixed together.

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Unique website logo, attractive images and blog design adds on to the marketing campaign.

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Final Words

Both blogging and marketing are becoming known as one essential wave in a progressive web company’s future as well as the future of the web master Although marketing is important for blogging but if not researched and conducted well then it will not give any positive results, rather you will only be wasting your time and resources over it . So, be an expert before handling blogging and marketing together.

My strategy is blogging and marketing should go hand in hand, what is yours?

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