Blogging apps that can be saved for future use

Mobile-Phone-Apps-300x300Blogging gives great career prospects, if you denote sufficient time to it then it can be a great boon to you. Nevertheless it is a time consuming process too. Blogging apps shows you the ways of saving time and blog effectively. You as a blogger should yourself be updated with the latest advents of blogging apps and other technologies. Your visitors trust what you write, what if you provide them with outdated and sufficiently less information.

So, it is good to save sufficient time while blogging and denote the rest of it in updating your knowledge. This post of mine will help you in knowing some of the blogging apps. If you are using then then it is good enough and if not then save it to be used in near future .

Blogging apps for future use

1. Blogging apps for storing ideas and contents

It is not possible to write about every thing which you think about and it is also not possible to have ideas for writing every time you sit down to blog. So better if you save it for future use. Technology has gifted you with such kind of blogging apps that saves time of your’s and acts as a repository of ideas.

  • Pocket

Pocket was formerly known as read it later. It is a tool used for saving web pages, videos and contents to be viewed later for future use. You can save items on your mobile phones or computer. You can view it at your free time. You can view your stored list of ideas at any time , whether you are online or offline.

Pocket is currently embraced with and is proud of holding of about 4-5 millions of users. It also contains the updated versions for your very friendly iPhone, Android or Kindle Fire.

  • Evernote

Evernote is there to help the world out to save whatever is useful to them so that people can remember everything, communicate effectively and work effectively. You can save everything from web pages to images, text or even voice notes. A good collection of apps by everynote increases your productivity at work.

Whenever you sit down to blog these tools are there at your service to save your time especially of finding information.

  • Spring Pad

Spring Pad is created by a small team but it enables you to go as per your schedule. You can save notes, tasks that are important to be remembered, set alerts and even save recipes, restaurants, desired locations and some important products to be purchased. So besides giving you the facility in blogging it also gives you the facility to keep pace with the daily work.

It helps people to discover and act on the stuff they care about by harnessing the power of the web, data portability and mobile access. Blogging is possible with the proper organization of thoughts which is not a concern if Spring Pad is used.

2. Blogging apps for smartphones

Blogging doesn’t require you to stay connected always to your computer or Laptop. Smartphones are there to relieve you. It lets you to carry a computer with you every time. To be precise smartphones don’t let you feel the absence of computers.

  • WordPress app

WordPress app is free and helps you to access and manage your WordPress blog effectively, even if you are mobile. It is an open source project that can be managed from your smartphones. You can access your admin panel as well as publish blog posts. So you are able to visit your posts even if you are not present at your working desk.

There are other ways of managing your WordPress blog because these blogging apps also lets you to post comments and moderating them, editing your published content, adding photos and videos.

  • PayPal

There are several pay-per click advertising programs that use PayPal for payouts and if you have this app on your phone you can easily collect your revenue even if you are mobile. You can check your balance, send money or withdraw funds.  Even if you are on the go, this online service is there to let your monetary transactions go.

You can also add money by photographing a cheque and receive credit/debit card payments through your smartphone.

  • altBlogger

altBlogger is an inexpensive blogging app for maintaining blogs. You can publish posts and can even handle multiple blogs at a time. You can maintain labels and tabs and even comments that have been posted. So even if you are away from your working computer you are aware of the happenings in your blog. It has been powered by WordPress.

  • Writing App

Besides providing some of the suitable blogging apps, android phones also provide writing app. It is a basic notebook that helps you to write drafts and copy-paste them later with writer even if you are in an offline mode. This enables you to save time when ever to sit down to blog. You don’t have to dig the information  again on the internet, you can get it easily at the time of writing by simply just opening this app.

Conclusion on Blogging apps

There is no scarcity of blogging apps all you have to do is to choose the write one for you. Blogging is a real fun with these kind of blogging apps. A blogger doesn’t need to remember much and can be freely out only it’s work thankfully because of these blogging apps.

So if you are not utilizing these blogging apps much, then save it for future use.


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