Blogging Network vs Social Network – which one should you prioritize for your blog?

Social-NetworkBlogging network and social network both hold their individual importance in the blogosphere . But both have their advantages and disadvantages. On one hand blogging network lets you meet like-minded bloggers and that of the same niche and on the other hand social network is there to introduce you to a wide variety of audience around the globe. Social network is becoming viral now-a- days and is drawing the interest of people in a good percentile. And on the other hand blogging network is restricted to blogging.

Besides these, both these networks are important in the web. So before deciding which one should you prioritize for your blog, you should know the pros and cons of both.

Pros of Blogging Network

1. Gives a strand to a blogger in the blogosphere

Blogging network is an efficient way to enter into the blogosphere . It is very important to get traffic, to gain reputation, to attain visitors loyalty for a blogger and all this is achieved through blogging network.

2. Build relations with other fellow bloggers

It takes time to build good relations with other fellow bloggers and visitors. A lot of effort is required to be  put in for this. This is achieved at much ease through blogging network.

3. Meet like minded co-bloggers

Blogging network is a meeting place for the bloggers belonging to the same niche and of same insights. These like-minded bloggers scattered here and there converge here.

4. Blogger is in control of its speech

The blogger is under the entire control of its speech. It’s visitors will listen whatever is said to them provided your blog is dignified enough to become a blog brand and deliver quality content. Blogs are a type of journals when authored by one individual and rarely by a team of two or more.

5. Increased potential visibility

There is a potential for you to enhance the visibility of your blog once you are a part of the blogging network. Exposure is must for a blogger then only traffic, page rankings and money starts coming in. Once you are in a network you are primarily visible to the fellow bloggers of your network and then to their visitors and finally to your visitors.

Cons of blogging network

1. Good Competition

You are among highly professional and famous fellow bloggers when you are in a blogging network. In that you are noticed by them provided you produce quality content. This will make you capable enough of standing among them. You ought to have something as your asset to make you stand among them. A quality content with a profitable keyword will help you out.

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2. Loss of copyright

This is one of the reasons of not being a part of the blogging network. You write it and they publish it with their copyright notice in the footer. This sometimes results in the reduction of the performance level. Some blog networks set a minimum performance level before they will include you in the ad share.

For example if they are selling two ad spaces on your blog and collect their revenue share and you are not able to achieve their target of the minimum performance level then they will keep your share also. And this is only because of the copyrights being held by them. So think about this before joining a blogging network.

Pros of social network

1. Brings in traffic to your blog

Your blog posts once on social networking sites is likely to get good web traffic provided you have a group of website visitors. Your friends and family will visit your blog if they find the posts to be interesting. Also you can briefly summarize your posts on social media so that visitors can know your insights as a blogger.

2. Cost effective

You can start blogging even without investing money due to the free blogging platforms available. Then why should you invest money for social networking. These social networking sites are free of cost and doesn’t cost you money for signing up, doing likes, posting comments and doing social shares.

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3. Enhances communication skills

A blogger should know how to communicate well to it’s audience. Social network is a good tutor for introvert kind of bloggers. They loose their hesitation of communicating with the strangers.  This is very important for them, because it will be required for marketing purpose. You can even conduct discussions on social media site.

Cons of social network

1. Deviate you from your thoughts

Engagement in social networks like Facebook, Twitter and others is such an addiction that will deviate you from your thoughts at the time of blogging. Once you are lost in the social media world you cannot function in your own way. This is very dangerous on the part of  a blogger. It can even lead you to become a procrastinator, so don’t be too involved in this.

2. Affect blog marketing

No doubt social networking is a very effective marketing strategy for your blog. But addiction for this will ruin your marketing strategies.  Instead of making your visitors aware of the latest updates of your blog and of other moves of yours you will be focused on what your friends and foes are doing.

3. Come across unscrupulous people

Social networks are open doors to invite unscrupulous people. They can present themselves in a fake manner to you. Think like this….the one whom you are thinking to be your fellow bloggers or your loyal visitor is actually someone in disguise having no interest on your blogs. You will unnecessarily waste your time and efforts to the person who is of no use to your blog.

Final thoughts of yours – Blogging network vs social network

Pros and cons are the two sides of the coin coming hand in hand. I prefer to be involved in both- blogging network as well as social network. I find it equally important for blogs. Which one do you prefer to prioritize for your blog?


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    Hi Sneha,
    What a brilliant post. It never came to me to compare these networks. You have done it so diligently. As a blogger, I have been combining both and it’s been working. Yes, each has its pros and cons

    Thanks for this wonderful post

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