Blogging tips – newbies should take from experienced bloggers

Professional bloggingInternet is a every day changing world and blogosphere is a part of it. You have to keep pace with the alterations especially the newbies. Blogging tips are very helpful in doing this. The newbies who are new to the blogging world are unaware of the weak and the strong points in it which will them go down or rise up.

Google searches do help in doing that but blog posts written by experienced bloggers really give good blogging tips.

Blogging tips – newbies should take from experienced

These blogging tips should be understood by the newbies taken up for their blog posts. Some of them are

1. Be yourself

It is very trendy with the  experienced bloggers that their blog posts represents their own selves. Your blog post is an extension of your own self, don’t spoil it by giving it an artificial touch. Newbies at times imitate the writing style of experienced bloggers but it’s WRONG. You need not feel shy to express the way you are. Blog posts provides bloggers opinion for a certain situation to readers so that it can be helpful for them in some way or the other. So express your own opinion and not someone else’s.

2. Use Consistent Writing Style

Newbies should keep an eye on the writing style of the experienced bloggers and take some blogging tips. They keep their style of writing and their presentation consistent. It is this consistency which will help you in establishing a blog brand. Readers become used to the writing trend of the bloggers. So don’t keep on changing by doing experimentation.

3. Interact with visitors

The famous and experienced bloggers have their blog posts full with comments and it is not a one sided comment. Bloggers also reply to the comments of the visitors .  This is a very important way for gaining popularity and web traffic. Don’t make your readers feel left out. Read the articles written by them also and post your comments in theirs . That’s what experienced bloggers do. Building up good relations with your visitors will make your blog famous. Take suggestions from them, answer to their questions, ask them questions, etc. Such blogging tips can be taken from the experienced bloggers.

4. Update frequently

Search engines prefer the frequently updated blogs. Don’t write one article a day and remain dormant for the next fifteen days.  This will also take the visitors away from your website apart from decreasing your page ranking. Once visitors start liking your articles, theyvisit regularly for the updates. What if they find the same article again and again. They go away from your website.

5. Read blogging tips by experienced bloggers

You will find many articles on blogging tips but look for the ones given by the successful bloggers. It is their pleasant and bitter experiences which they share and their journey of coming up to this level. This will really motivate you to write more and more.

6. Keep your posts restricted to the same niche

If the niche of your blog is related to software the keep your self restricted to it. Your readers will brand you and your blog in that way. Now suddenly if you publish an article on blogging, your readers will hate it.

7. Get your self involved in online forums

Online forums are becoming very popular now-a-days because it gives a platform to communicate with the authors and build in a community.  Be active to get blogging tips from experienced bloggers through these forums. Don’t keep your self hidden. Through online forums, other bloggers will also visit your site and will give you comments for it. Positive comments will boost your blogging spirit and valuable suggestions will provide you with more blogging tips.

8. Unique and Quality Content

One of most useful blogging tips that can extracted by the blogs of experienced bloggers is that their unique and quality content. You find their article to be different from others.  This is there style, inherit this and all the newbies choose some unique topics to write upon. This will help in making you stand up to the crowd.

9. Know the visitors of your blog

Successful bloggers use these blogging tips to reach out to the crowd. They know their audience. If the audience is matured then they write articles which suits their tastes. If they are youngsters  then their article should be liked by them. This will make your visitors feel that they are loved by you and in return they will personally love you.   

10. Scheduled Posts

Most of the bloggers have  a specific timing of publishing their post. The reason behind is that they know at what time do maximum visitors visit their sites and to which geographical location they belong to. This can prove to be one of the useful blogging tips for the newbies.

Closing words for blogging tips

It is unethical to be a xeroxed copy of the successful bloggers but it is a good practice to extract the quality blogging tips which they follow and which made them to be  a stand alone example.

So all you newbies- what blogging tips you take from the experienced bloggers  other than the ones mentioned by me?

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