Blogging virtues New Year Blogs should have!

It is new year eve and its time to boost your blogs. So do you have any plans for NEW YEAR BLOGS ? A blog is a mirror for a blogger where the virtues and the thoughts of a blogger are reflected. Through this article I will share some of the virtues a blogger should have in its new year blogs.

Is your blogging career putting you down ?  Are you not getting what you expected from your blog ? Are your readers moving away from your blog ? Is your blog a victim to negative comments ? Are your blogs not keeping your readers engaged in social shares ?  There some bad times in a bloggers blogging career in which he / she thinks about quitting blogging. So have a glimpse on the points that I am going to share with you. Do make  new year blogs as I am also planning for it  and let me know in the comments section whether it has really worked for you.virtues-of-blogging

Blogging Virtues New Year Blogs should have

Be active as a blog promoter

A few things you do at the time of blogging – You designed an attractive blog, you wrote an interesting content with a believe that your visitors will like it and finally published your blog and did nothing after that. No !! you are loosing on your part. There are lots that you have to do after publishing your blog post. One such thing is blog promotion. Promotion is a way of making people aware of the existence of something. The same thing has to be done with your new years blog.

If you haven’t promoted your blog before then do it now with your new year blogs. Be interactive through social networking, bookmarking, use advertisement strategies, conduct online forums and online interviews and many more. I know that it is a time consuming and painstaking job but it will give you good results in return. Activeness should be a virtue in a blogger. Reflect these blogging virtues in your new year blogs.

Be Unbiased and Non-Egoistic

Be unbiased to your readers. Pay equal attention to all the readers of your website; whether it is a newbie or an experienced blogger, old visitor or new visitors. Be answerable to them, solve their questions as much as you can, give exciting offers and do this to all of them.

Apart from being Unbiased you should be non-egoistic to your visitors and fellow bloggers. You are a human and human beings are prone to errors. Admit your mistakes if you are pointed out for them and if it is well justified. Be humble enough not to repeat it again.

Be a learner

You as a blogger have many mentors.  Some of them are your own visitors, your co-bloggers and even your own mistakes. If you don’t realize, then know them through this article – List of best mentors for a blogger. Learn from them and implement those things on your new year blogs.

There is never an end to learning because there is a lot you are still not aware of. Keep this attitude and rectify your blogging mistakes by learning from them .

It is not only you who has to learn new things, give a tutorial quality to your new year blogs, so that your readers also learn a lot from your blog posts.

Read More and Write more

Blogging is all about reading and then writing. You can’t afford to write anything unambiguous. You should have sufficient information for it. So make a thorough study before writing an article. Make your readers realize that you have read a lot before you are conveying the information to them.

Also make a deep study for demanded niches by the visitors and target them for your new year blogs. They will come attracted towards it more after you promote it.

Be a blogging planner

Plan before you do and don’t plan after doing. It is good to blog, it is good to be a frequent blogger but what if you blog aimlessly and without any plan.Make an appropriate plan for your niche, plan for a targeted audience which you think will mostly visit your article. plan for the appropriate time of publishing your article during which you are likely to have more website visitors.

If you have not been planning for such things till now then plan for your new year blogs.

How early should you consider money making from your new year blogs ?

Excessive desire for money is  a virtue in human beings. Do not  blog only for money. This will affect your articles quality. If you randomly make blog posts with a desire to make money, this will only degrade the quality of your content. It is the visitors visit to your article which will help you in making money.

Read : What do people blog about to make money ?

And they will only visit if you provide them a quality content.

Concluding Paragraph

So we are approaching towards the end of the year 2012. With this passing year make your negative blogging virtues also pass by and get the positive virtues which will enhance your blogging quality and will be reflected in your new year blogs.

So what kind of blogging virtues you wish to reflect in your new year blogs ?

PS– Definitely rectify your mistakes in your new years blog, promote your new year blogs and plan for them.

What resolution have you made for your new year blogs ? Share with me on the comment section.

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