Comment strategies which you should follow for your blogs

Blog-comment-strategyThe small area given beneath the blog posts  is allotted for commenting purpose. These comments are very important for the substantial growth of your blogs. For this you should follow some specific comment strategies for your blogs. These comments are highly responsible for making blog posts social and interactive. The basic principle behind comment strategies are building relations with visitors. Because on the basis of these a blogger can attain real heights.

Comment Strategies which you should follow for your blogs

1. Thank your visitors

Your visitors are giving you the privilege of commenting on your posts and giving their valuable suggestions. In turn you should thank them for that. You can either say Thank You to them while replying to their comments or show a Thank you message as soon as they submit their comment. This humble comment strategy will make them love you personally as a blogger.

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2. Use Comment Luv plugin

Use comment luv on your blog. This will link the recent post made by the blogger who is posting the comment. In that case bloggers will also be interested in posting comments on such blogs.

3.  Use Keyword Luv plugin

This also provides an effective comment strategies. This plugin allows visitors to leave a back link to their own blog and use keywords rather their name. This is actually trading keyword-rich back links for a comment.

4. Communicate with visitors

Another very humble strategy amongst the comment strategies is to communicate with your website visitors, If you do not reply to the comments of the visitors then they will stop commenting you any further in the future and will neither visit your blog posts.

5. Do-Follow Links

Implement do-follow links in your comment strategies, to give a nice treat to the ones who are commenting on your blogs.  Do follow links are the main players and if you want to improve the SERP of your website then go for it. The basic of do-follow link is a link back to your website from some other website. If your readers get this opportunity then they will be more keen to make the postings.

6. Top Commenters

While you are implementing comment strategies on your blog do not forget this trick of indulging your readers to comment on your blog. Enlist the names of the top commenters on your blog. The frequent commenters of your blog will have their names enlisted in this list. To make it more exciting also reward the ones for being in this list. Rewards can be like another do follow to their website, some free downloads of plugins or e-books and many more.

7.  Recent Commenters 

Somewhat a similar strategy of comments is recent comments. The visitors who have recently posted their comments will also have their names enlisted. This will also give the commenters some exposure to the audience.

Concluding words on comment strategies

The conclusion on this article will speak about the results obtained by using these comment strategies.

  1. Traffic – More commenter’s to your blog posts, the more traffic you have . It is true that traffic brings in commenter’s but vice versa is also good.
  2. Subscriptions – The rewarded commenter’s will also feel the urge of making subscriptions.
  3. Giving exposure – these comment strategies will give you more exposure to your visitors. And even the fellow bloggers posting comments in your blog will get popularity.


  1. says

    In these days of heavy social media use it seems that comments
    on blogs have decreased sharply.

    One way to provoke more blog comments is to end your blog
    post with a question. and request answers.

  2. says

    I agree with Robert that comments have decreased…kind of. I have noticed a new trend of blogs that force you to comment with FB or Twitter. Personally I don’t like that. I prefer to post on sites with Comment Luv. Thanks for the rest of the tips!

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