How To Browse Internet Anonymously & Safely

Safely Browse Internet Anonymously

Anonymous web browsing is a technique of hiding your information like IP address of your computer and other personal information when online. There is nothing unethical in being anonymous over the internet. It is a way of keeping your privacy intact by avoiding spammers and scammers to have a wrong access over the data.

Situations when you have the need to be anonymous, are – while making online payments, net banking, commenting on a serious political issue but don’t want to reveal you identity or you want to keep the websites visited hidden from people.

Thankfully there are different methods available for anonymous web surfing. But let me warn you that these tools don’t give hundred percent anonymity. Also if you are into some malicious intentions then don’t go in for these.

Methods to Browse internet hiding your identity:

1. Using private browsing tools in browsers

Different browsers have tools for “private browsing” which will delete the browsing history, the cookies and the temporary internet files after the window is closed. This will prevent any body from seeing what sites you visited last. Private browsing tools do not record the form data and the files you downloaded.

Different browsers

(a)    Chrome-  Press Ctrl + Shift + N to enable Incognito window

(b)   Firefox- Click on tools and click on “start private browsing”

(c)    Safari-Click on setting on the upper right corner of the window and click on private browsing

(d)   Internet Explorer-Press Ctrl + Shift + P

(e)   Opera- Press Ctrl + Shift + N

This is a very simple but useful technique for anonymous web browsing

At the time of browsing the computer connects to the target server by contacting the web page with the user’s IP address and shares other information like browsers and the operating system version. Proxy Server and VPNs gives a good amount of anonymity

2. Proxy Server and VPNs

For assurance of anonymous web surfing proxy server and VPNs can be used. This will enable you to reveal your fake identity and fake location. A proxy server is a computer that offers a computer network service to allow clients to make indirect network connections to other network services. VPN uses public telecommunication infrastructure such as Internet which provides individual users to make secure access to their organization’s network.


You can download TunnelBear VPS which offers free data of 1.5Gb/month.

3. Tor browser

Tor Browser

Tor is free software and an open network> It protects your communication from being spread over the entire network. It allows anonymous web browsing by preventing the sites you visited from knowing your physical location. It is a huge database of proxies that helps you in keeping your online identity safe. There are various utilities of Tor are they can work with your web browser, remote login applications. So use Tor to search sensitive information over the internet. Even the crime detection department uses this technique of anonymous web browsing for finding some sensitive information which they want to keep secret.

4.Avoid Phishing Traps

Avoiding phishing traps is one of the ways to be anonymous online. It is a term used to describe some malicious acts by some malicious people. They deceive the users by creating web pages designed to collect credit card details, banking details or other login information. These web pages are designed in the same way as that of the original company’s website which will cheat the users and they will enter their private information.

5. Disposable Email Addresses and Anonymous email sending

Disposable Email Addresses provides your real email address and keep the spam out by giving you a temporary email address that forwards to your real one. Anonymous email sending helps in catching cheaters, give warning for any danger to the public but don’t want your identity to be revealed, etc. How to send anonymous emails?

[1] Enter the recipient’s email address  [2] Write your message [3] agree to the terms and conditions of the service [4] Enter the anti-spam code and send email.

6. Another computer or connection

You can use the internet connection of someone else’s computer like that in a cafeteria, school, college or library. In that case whatever work you do, the IP address of someone else will be recorded. But even this is also not securely anonymous because your login to someone else’s computer can be traced back with the login id and password of your account.

Your internet surfing sessions are tracked not only by the websites, search engines and social networks but by often your internet service provider, web browsers, government and thousands of online tracking companies.  Surfing the web through anonymous proxies keeps you and your computer’s identity hidden. All I have to say is to keep your identity unrevealed and there are two ways- One is being anonymous over the internet and second is keeping your personal information private.

Among the above mentioned techniques which one do you prefer the most to be anonymous?


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