Discover the top 5 reasons why Guest Writers comes to a blog !

Guest-post-blogGuest posting in some other blog is very important for building back links for your blog. In the same way guest writers also play a very important role for your blog. It makes your blog grow by giving a fresh and quality content, due recognition because of the popularity of the guest writers and the brand name of their blog.

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There are times when you receive many invitations by the guest writers for guest posting in your blog but they are not either not appealing too much due to poorly written content, bad presentations, useless promotions of their blog ,etc

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Top 5 reasons why Guest Writers come to a blog !!

  • Good promotion of your blog

The more you promote your blog the more people know about it. Your keen interest in having guest posts for your blog should be conveyed to your fellow bloggers of your niche  the ones whom you know and the ones whom you don’t.

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You have to make the guest writers know about the opportunities of guest posting in your blog and the different ways of doing so are – Advertising your blog in online forums, on other blogs, in other directories, social bookmarking sites and last but not the least the social media sites.

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  • Pay the guest writers and offer them incentives

Money is one of the most attractive entity in this universe, so if guest writers are paid for their posting on their blog then they will be easily pulled towards it. The more you offer the more guest bloggers will come to you. Start with a smaller amount in the  preliminary stage and take a height later on.

Offer them incentives in the form of getting back links by the links of their blog in the bio box, links of their blog posts in the main content of yours. Other than this you can also promote their blogs on the day their new article is published. No matter what incentives you offer or what payment you give them, be clear and specific in your guideline so that there is no questions arising up later which will affect your reputation.

  • Host a guest blogging contest

Contest means competition which in turn means challenges, so host a guest blogging contest. If you know a large number of bloggers then you can arrange for such kind of guest blogging contest. Offer a prize to the guest writers who win the competition and offer them the opportunities for guest posting.

It just a number game so you will lose and gain in the bargain. If you are a newbie then such risk will be a mistake for you but if you have made your stand in blogging and have a large network then you can go for it.

  • Write for them

If you are  a new member in the blogosphere then you definitely don’t have much contacts. In that case bloggers will not know about the existence of your blog. The appropriate thing to do will be to research for the experienced bloggers especially of your niche and make guest posts for their blogs. If it is a quality one and is well commented by the website visitors then offer the blog owners to be the guest writers for your blog too.

Your posting became a boon for them so definitely they won’t say no to you. These experienced bloggers if become guest writers for your blog then they will bring web traffic along with them. This is how you can attract experienced bloggers to make guest posting for your blog.

  •  Good traffic and subscribers base

The reason of starting guest blogging was to bring traffic to the blog and have a good subscribers base.  Naturally guest authors would prefer to make guest posts in blogs having a good inflow of traffic and a good subscriber base. This will serve the sole purpose of the guest blogging.


Guest posting is one of the most important part of all blogging business. It is a two way street; while it helps to build links to your website when you write posts for other blogs, it also helps you to grow your blog when you accept guest posts written by others. You should know how to invite guest writers to your blog and take the maximum benefits out of it.

So if you haven’t been able to attract guest writers to your blog then follow these 5 things so that guest writers make guest posts to your blog.

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