Do you love your business? Check out why you should not !!

I-love-my-businessIt is good to love your business of blogging because that makes you stay in it but it is required to hate it in order to enhance it further. Until and unless you dig out the negative aspects of it you will not be able to improvise it. So At times you should not love your business for its growing future.

It is a common saying that love is blind, so love for your business will make you blind and you will not feel the faults in it so will not be able to rectify it. This prospect is hazardous for your business. Blogging business is a rapidly growing and ever changing and requires a lot of enhancements otherwise you will lag behind in the race.

Why you should not love your business?

1. It’s too old now -requires changes

You have been running the same kind of  blogging business, following the same kind of strategy, doing the same kind of planning and following the same kind of blogging rules

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The blogosphere is favoring new changes so if you don’t love your business and hate the strategies, plans and rules that you have been following then only you will keep pace with your fellow bloggers.

2. Less money making

Why will you do a kind of business which is giving you no money or less money? If blogging is your profession then it should generate you money. If you continue to love your business then you will never be able to get money out of it or if you are getting less of it then you will not be able to extract more. You will be satisfied with the little what you are getting.

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The lesser you love your business from financial point of view the more you feel the urge of enhancing it further.

3. Bored of seeing the same old look

The look of your websites or blogs makes you bore. Do not forget that it’s the presentation of your website that is also responsible in  bringing visitors to your website apart from the blog promotional strategies.

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If you love your business so much then you will not bother to enhance it’s look and will be satisfied with the old one no matter if is affecting the metrics analytics and statistics fall down.

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4. Not being noticed by the website visitors

These website visitors are the angels to your blog and it is some thing not good if they are not noticing you. It means that some thing is going wrong in your blogging business. Either you are not communicating properly with your visitors, your blogging quality is degrading, or you are not making efforts to hold them to your blog.

With such kind of slackness your website visitors will not come to your blog and will not notice your posts.

5. Do not like your fellow bloggers

It is very important for you to be in the circle of your fellow bloggers who are blogging on the same niche as yours . Your communication with them and a good rapport will give you striking ideas to blog about. But the another aspect is that it is not always necessary that you agree to their ideas and blogging strategies. They are times when a blogger does not it’s fellow bloggers.

In that case it is good to expand your business and create blogs on other niches too so that you meet the other bloggers of some other niche too. This will give you the opportunity to expedite in other niches also. And this is not possible if you love your business blindly.

Conclusion on why you should not love your business

It is important to love your business then only you will be able to initiate it and continue it. But it has to grow and for that you have to hate some of it’s elements.

Do you agree with me that it is sometimes important to not to love your business?


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