Does Bloggers share real secrets all the time?

seo-secretsSecrets are an integral part of everyone’s life. So is the case of bloggers too. You must have seen many real life instances shared by the bloggers in their posts. Do you think that all of them are real secrets? Do let me know in the comment section below.

Ok! keep bloggers secrets apart for a while! Is it possible for you to reveal all your secrets to your closed ones? Don’t you have the fear of losing them if the secret is that bitter? I ascertain that the same thing is applicable for we bloggers too. For us our real closed ones apart from our family are our visitors. What if visitors take it personally and their feelings get hurt by it and you end up in losing them personally.

Better to stay numb in that case. Isn’t it? What you say?

On the other side- what if your visitors find you as an inspiring personality and turn out to be a loyal visitor of yours just for your touching real life experiences.

My topic of discussion for today is – Does Bloggers show real secrets all the time? 

1. New bloggers lack real secrets

The new bites who have newly started blogging share unreal secrets at times because they don’t have much of the experience. This is usually done by them to polish their posts and increase the number of visitors to their website.

2. Bitter secrets

Some bloggers feel the scare of sharing bitter secrets related to their blogging experience because their visitors might take it personally and move away from their blog posts. They modify it at times and give an unrealistic touch to it, so that it is more pleasing.

3. Inspiring Secrets

Some of the successful bloggers share their lovely blogging secrets which made them turn out to be popular. These instances will be pushy for other bloggers too so that they also get some tips to become recognizable in the crowd.

4. Beneficial for the turned out writer’s block

Inspiring secrets are very useful in reviving up the spirits of the bloggers who have been in a condition of writers block. Secrets whether real or unreal if inspiring is good enough to help them live up again. So, the bloggers who make posts related to this niche – i.e. writer’s block are always appreciated for sharing secrets in their articles.

5. Attracting more visitors

Some bloggers are loved more because of their secret sharing habit. Just to give a realistic touch to the blog post they mix it with real secrets which are either their own or of their family or friends.  This keeps the visitors affiliated to them if they keep it trendy the same way. 

Your Turn Now!

Do you really think after reading the above points that it is that unethical to say unreal secrets? To some extent it is not, if it is doing good to someone else. But in some cases it might be discarded by the readers because they are intelligent enough to understand whether the secret is real or cooked up. So be very choosy while sharing your secrets with the visitors in your blog posts.

 My last question to you is – Do you think that bloggers share real secrets all the time? Can’t wait to share your views regarding this. So join me in the comment section. 


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    Hi arun,

    I truly agree with you that these real secrets help in building trust and authority. And this is how readers learn and get inspired from them.

    Thanks for your comment.

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