How to Improve Old Blog Posts to Bring More Traffic

Improve Traffic on Old Post

Most bloggers focus only on writing new blog posts on their blogs  to increase their search traffic, but what about the blog posts which are buried in your archives?

Drive traffic to old posts by making these simple changes:

1.Improve headlines

This is the first criteria to check out to revive old blog posts. Ensure whether your old blog posts have attention-grabbing headlines or not. Tweak them and make them even better. You can take advantage of free Coscheudle headline analyzer to check your headline score.

2.Add images

Images can make any blog post better, the image in the blog post should be attractive, simple and relevant to the blog post. You can also optimize your images for the search engines to get more search visibility for the desired keywords in the long run. So, images can be used for both the purpose, one is to grab your readers attention and the other for search engine optimization. You can create stunning looking images using Canva or you can also use this free iOS app call Adobe post.

3.Interlink to latest and relevant posts

 Interlinking is a must if you want to build a strong connection amongst your blog posts to gain more exposure. By interlinking, you’re not giving reference articles to your readers, but you’re also giving better visibility, search ranking to the linked articles. Search engines give top priority to those links with anchor text. So, try to interlink your blog posts with appropriate anchor texts in it. There are few plugins which let you automatically interlink your blog posts & the one which I use & recommend is SEO Smart links by Valadmir.

4. Optimize posts for search engines

No matter how great your content is, it won’t get more visibility if you don’t optimize them for the search engines. Because, search engine optimization matters a lot in giving better results for certain keywords on your blog. Make sure you’re optimizing the blog posts the right way, say no to keyword stuffing, use long tail keywords and on-page SEO tips to make your old posts better.

5. Better format the post

Formatting is the key to make any blog post go viral. The better you format your post, the better results you can expect from your readers, thus bringing more traffic to your blog. Use sub-heads, bold, italics and proper usage of links all over your blog posts. And make it simple and easy for your readers to read and digest your contents. Don’t give them a hard time in reading your stuff, else they’ll simply choose another blog to read the similar contents. Spend some time to craft your blog posts for better results.

6.Improve the introduction lines

Many bloggers especially the new bloggers don’t give much importance to their introduction lines. But, intro lines are very important, because when a reader wants to read any one of your articles, they’ll decide whether or not to read your entire post by just reading your first few lines. If they attract their attention, they’ll read it further, else they’ll simply stop reading it. You need to convince them with your first few lines and grab their attention to read more.

7. End with call to action

Call your readers to take some action at the end of your blog posts, if you haven’t used a call to action at the end of your old blog posts, then include it from now on to get more response from your readers.Keep your call to action extremely related to your blog posts, ask them to share, comment or buy your products. This way you’re telling your readers to take a specific action after reading your blog posts.

8. Fix broken links

Broken links will appear all over the new blog because they don’t give much importance to broken links or dead links on their blogs. Broken links are often called 404 page errors which are nothing but empty pages or dead pages that will annoy any online web surfer. When someone reads your blog posts and finds broken links on your blog, they’ll surely get annoyed to read more of your articles.

So, try to find and fix your broken links using the tools like W3C link checker or Xenu’s link Sleuth. This way you can find and fix broken links on your old blog posts, it’d be really good both for your reader experience and search engine crawlers. Search crawlers give less priority to those blogs which are full of dead links, so make sure you don’t have any of these bad links on your sites. If you are using WordPress platform to host your blog, you should use this free plugin call Broken link checker. This one makes it easier for you to find & fix broken links.

9.Let the world know about the post now

This is the final part you can do to make your old blog posts go viral, let the world know about your old blog posts. No matter how great you crafted, optimized your old blog posts, your readers or other bloggers should know about them to get more visibility, right? So, promote them using your social media networks like Facebook groups, pages, and Twitter to let others know about it.

Note: Don’t change the URL of your old blog posts which may result in dead links that can be annoying to your readers.  

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