7 Free Alternatives to Dropbox for Cloud Backup

Ever since the introduction of cloud services, there has been a drastic change in the way we have been storing our data and the means of sharing it amongst ourselves. Talking about Cloud storage services, the most preferred is “Dropbox” which was the first service to offer such a deal. Although there are free alternatives to dropbox currently. Dropbox is considerably one of the best web based cloud services for storing, synchronizing and sharing of data. Dropbox happens to offer both free and paid accounts which differentiate on the basis of storage space, remote access, accessibility, server hosting and much more.

As you may have already heard, nobody’s perfect and so is the case with Dropbox, despite the service being considered as the best by some, people happen to have been looking for better and even more reliable alternatives to the service. So, we Rework Engine today bring to you the 7 popular free alternatives to Dropbox for Cloud Backup.

Best Dropbox Alternatives for Cloud backup

1. Google Drive

Google DriveGoogle Drive although considered a competitor to Dropbox recently, it is hardly a cloud service provider, rather a modification to the Google Docs function which allows you to store files and folders in it. If you’re guessing as to what’s the advantage that Google Drive carries over all the other cloud service provider, then here’s a few points for you; it is powered by the all so friendly search engine Google and thus is totally flexible to Google+, Gmail, Android etc. The Google Drive offers free storage of 5GB after which the user is required to pay as per the storage requirement. You should also check out how you can use google drive along with other apps to increase productivity.


2. Ubuntu OneUbuntu One

There are chances you might not have heard of this one before, but this cloud service from Ubuntu OS is another one of the favorite cloud service providers which offers 5GB of free storage space followed by $29.99 for 20GB. This one also offers all built in versions of the Ubuntu Linux and works in android as well as iOS devices.



3. Spider OakSpider Oak

This Cloud service was started as an idea to deal with the number of apps needed to keep up with the data and the general lack of the privacy whilst use of online file services.  So the collective app which saves them for backing up, syncing and sharing files is Spider Oak, which acts as a main online file backup solution. Users have generally found this one to be a little more complicated than the other services.

5. One Drive

One Drive

One Drive is yet another cloud service from the all-so-favorite Windows OS maker- Microsoft which has been around in the market since some time now. The One Drive is now even available for Windows and OS X. Beating out all the rest in the “free storage” field it offers a total of 15 GB free storage which is around 3.5 times more than what is offered by Dropbox for free. Additional packages of the Sky Drive cost around $1.99 per month for 100GB.



6. WualaWuala

Wuala, unlike the other service providers like Box.com and Dropbox allows users to get additional online storage in exchange for their unused local disk space to commit to the network. Not only this, the amount of bandwidth can also easily be adjusted according to the requirements. On the negative note, users did find the service to be quite slow at times.



7. Box.comBox.com

Box.com is quite popular and a good alternative to dropbox in terms of the latest cloud service providers. They too alike the others happen to offer more space than the Dropbox service but what they lack is the upload of files in large amounts. The upload size is limited to 25MB per file whilst it’s 300MB for Dropbox. You can even add passwords to files so that they are protected and are not easily accessed by just anyone.


Do let us know about your experiences while using the cloud storage services. And if they were able to meet your expectations. Also if you are aware of any other free alternatives to Dropbox please feel free to share it with us in our comment section.


  1. says

    Hey Anubhab,

    I’ve been using Dropbox from long time and I’m happy with it, but getting some free knowledge about the free alternatives is also a good thing.

    Thanks for letting us know about the alternative services and also thanks for your comment on my guest post at SML.

    • says

      Hi Ehsan,

      Thanks for dropping by! Personally myself even I use dropbox for cloud storage, but just as you said for the sake of knowledge and some services like Wuala, has some features of symbiotic sharing which can be really fun to try out some time.

  2. Simmeon says

    Hi Anubhab,

    Just like Ehsan, I’ve been using Dropbox for years and its nice and simple. I did hear about Google Drive but not really explored too much into in, I use lots of Google products so I might just switch as it seems to sync up nicely with other things.

  3. says

    Hi Simmeon,

    I totally agree to the point google had integrated their services in everything, however there are a few shortfalls in it too over the others. However its totally worth trying.

  4. says


    Thanks for this list ! Speaking of freedom, any open source solutions ? Syncany, Sparkleshare, Seafile, did you give them a try ?


  5. Rajesh says

    Thanks a lot for the great list of alternatives. What is great is these are free! I am currently using Dropbox and I guess Google Drive will be my next option.
    Great share.

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