Great Interface Design Principles for blogs

Interface-Design-For-BlogsEver thought what makes your blog looks great ?

It is the great interface design principles which you use that makes your blog look great. It is your website visitors who will make your website move on by visiting it. In that case your interface design principles should be as per them. The design of the blog should be a combination of beauty and brain which is though striving but if used together will make a rare and striking combination.

What makes a blog look ugly? It is the lack of these interface design principles that have not been used there.Your interface design should be such that your reader should not give a second thought to hold and read your content. So without wasting another second let me share with you some of the interface design principles which I use.

What are the great interface design principles for blogs ?

Know how users think ,what are their likes and dislikes, and their reading patterns

To have a famous blog you should think the way your users are thinking, you have to like what they are liking and you have to behave how they behave.

Here are some of the gestures of the users
  • Users scan the content

They are scanners and not thorough readers. They simply glide their vision throughout the web page and stop where their eye strikes. Make their eyes strike by creating an impressive design.

  • Users are impatient

They are very quick to choose alternatives. So, choose your interface design principles in such a way that they chose your blog as the only alternative. If your blog doesn’t meet their expectations then they will move away.

  • Users don’t want to work hard

Users don’t want advertisements popping up while reading the content because they don’t want to make effort to close the tabs rather they prefer to close the entire window. They even don’t want to click the back button in case if they come across a new window. So your interface design principles should also have the comfort zone of the users.

 Make your interface easy and enjoyable to use

Users don’t care about the brilliance of the design, the hard work involved in it, the code running behind and the software responsible,etc. The website should be easily navigated from one page to another so that users enjoy moving through it. Your users will enjoy using your website when their involvement is minimal, that is they get more by doing less. These types of interface design principles are at times painstaking for you but the end results are good.

Maintain proper balancing of your blog

Your blog should be designed  in such a way that it is equally balanced throughout. The color should be equally balanced; not that it is too dark on one side and very light on the other. Not that one portion of the blog should have a quality stuff and that the other part is lying all barren. It is not only the color or the element positioning that needs to be balanced, it is also the  size of the fonts used and the font styles too. So these minor things contribute a lot to your blogs and should be a part of your design interface principles.

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Think about the users but don’t make them think negatively

This should be in the list of interface design principles. Make sure that your readers don’t have to think before reading your blog posts, this can even make them think negatively . Your users will have the urge of reading your articles if you follow ethical interface design principles. An ugly looking blog will never bring the readers to your blog. Yes it is good that your readers think about your blogging virtues after they have finished reading your articles.

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Your blog interface should be problem free

Make a through test of your blog that it is problem free in all aspects. Your users should not have navigational or interface issues. This will inhibit the enjoyment of your readers. Even if your content is worth a million score it will come down to peanuts if your readers are getting frustrated with your blog design. Problems with your interface will consume a lot of time of your visitors which is all the more a very precious thing for them. So try maintaining clarity rather include it your interface design principles .

Content is king

Don’t be surprised that why am I suddenly talking about content. A blog looks great with the implementation of the designing tips but your content also makes it worth visiting. Make a well structured content with proper headings, paragraph indentations, line spacing, font style, etc. A featured content also adds on to the beauty of your website. So while preparing your interface design principles don’t forget this great blogging principle too.

Classification of Interface Design Principles

I gained a good knowledge from these classifications of interface design principle, and would like to share it with you too.

  • Structure Principle – Your blog design should be well structured and consistent.
  • Simplicity Principle – Your blog design should be simple and easy to use.
  • Visibility Principle – Your blog should have male all the needed options and the important stuffs visible so that users don’t overlook them .
  • Tolerance Principle – The design should be flexible and fault tolerant. thereby reducing the cost of mistakes. It should also be error preventive if varying inputs are entered in.

Final Words on having great design principles for blogs

So, I hope that you will consider these great interface design principles while designing your blog if you haven’t been focusing much on it. An attractive design of your blog will boil up the interest of your users to stay on your blog and get more of you but if it is not pleasing then you are helpless. It is these interface design principles that help you in holding the blogging fort.

These are the interface design principles that I follow and obey them, do you follow some other?

Do you really feel that these interface design principles are important to hold visitors ?

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