How does browser compatibility affect website visibility?

There is a wide range of options available for internet suffers with respect to the web browsers. But the only difference lies in the browser compatibility.  A web browser is a software that is used to view web pages. Such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, etc.

A website which looks wonderful on Google Chrome will have a messy look on Mozilla Firefox sometimes. Why did this happen? Maybe the web developer has checked the blog/website only in his / her favorite browser and not on the other browsers. For browser compatibility you must check it in all the browsers.

Difference in the layout of website take your visitors away from you. If they are not able to view your website properly they will move to some other, which has sufficiently browser compatibility. So cross browser compatibility is a delicate thing that has to be taken care of.


What is Cross Browser Compatibility ?

A website is said to have cross browser compatibility if it looks the same on all web browsers. Any distortions and errors in the layout of the website makes it it non-compatible. This usually depends upon the coding of the website. Each browser puts a slight of HTML, CSS, Javascript into use differently. Some of difference can slightly distort the website appearance but others can easily break the entire website. The images and the text becomes broken and makes it unreadable.

How can cross browser compatibility affect website visibility?

1. Letter Spacing

If a website does not have cross browser compatibility, it will show different line spacing. A letter spacing set at a value of 3 px will appear to be at the default letter spacing in some other browser.

2. Invisibility of images

The images used in the website may be clearly visible in one web browser and may not be visible at all in some other browser. Even the resolution of images may change in different web browser. An image which is looking of extremely high quality is appearing of absolutely low quality in different browsers. Had the browser compatibility been taken care of this wouldn’t have had happen.

3. Overflow Property

This property comes handy at the time of giving auto-height or natural vertical expansion to a block level element when you don’t want to float. This problem usually persists in Firefox in which the element is collapsed.

So browser compatibility asks you to use the CSS property of overflow: hidden to allow a block level element which is usually a div element to expand height vertically because it does not have a set height. This property of overflow expands the height of the element of the content even if it contains floated elements.

4. Change in Font-Weight

Even the font style, the font weight differ in different kinds of web browsers. For say usually bold or italic are the properties categorized under font weight but it may differ in different browsers. So the safe way is to use attributes like “strong” or “em”.

5. Text alignment

If browser compatibility is not taken care of then alignment of paragraphs may also change in different browsers. The content which appears left- aligned in one browser say internet explorer might appear center-aligned in some other browser. This petty thing will change the entire look of the website.

Even the alignment of images may be affected if browser compatibility is not checked. Images which appears to be on right side in a particular browser appears on the center of another browser


I would like to conclude my discussion on cross browser compatibility by saying that no matter how good a website you have designed but it will not do any benefit to the audience nor you, if it is not checked for cross browser compatibility. Your choice of using a browser might not match with that of your user.

And if your web designer is too lazy to test the browser compatibility then you better mention at the end the browser in which your site is best compatible but this will restrict your audience.


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