How does profile picture contribute to blog brand?

Profile-PicturesA profile without a profile picture looks strange. Have you ever thought of this that profile picture also contributes to blog brand besides a quality content, sufficient back links, enormous visitors,etc.

Your blog posts are being loved by visitors because they love you and your way of writing. Let your visitors also see their inspirational personality.

So if any of my blogger friends don’t have a profile picture in their blogs then read this blog post to know  that –

How does profile picture contribute to blog brand?

1. Uniform Profile Picture

You must be having accounts in various social media sites like facebook, twitter, linkedIn, google+? Make sure that you have a profile pictures in it and that also the same in all of them as the one you are having in your blog. Website visitors visit your blog for the latest posts made by you if you are that popular. They recognize you by your face and even meet you on social media sites. What if they find you having different faces all over?

It might happen that they fail to recognize you and don’t converse with you. Remember that social shares bring lot of traffic to your website, so you ought not loose it. Keep your self consistent in all respects to maintain the consistency of your web traffic which establish a blog brand.

2. Give a decent profile picture

To be  a brand blogger and have a blog brand you should have  a decent profile picture.  I am not saying to have an over formal picture but at least not that casual which makes you look weird than what you are. A decent picture creates a good impression regarding your personality in the eyes of your visitors. Trust me they will love it.

 3. Make your face visible

It is not necessary to show the other parts of your body in the profile picture. Your face is good enough to define your personality. So make sure that your face is properly visible in your profile picture. After all visitors will recognize you with your face.

 4. Attract more visitors

The names of two bloggers might coincide but faces can’t. This helps in making a blog brand. Profile pictures uploaded on your profiles in social media sites bring visitors to your blogs if they find an URL of it.

5. Profile pictures give life to your blog

As I told in my very first sentence that  a profile without a profile picture looks strange, rather I would say that without a profile picture a profile looks lifeless. Your visitors are inspired by your blog posts. So why to make it partly deadly by not uploading a  picture.

6. Have a smiling picture

Frown faces take people away from you. So have your website visitors surrounding you with your smiling face. Women give about 50% more smiling pics than men. No matter who you are – man or woman, you should look happy and gay in your profile picture.


Pictures speak thousands of words. Even if your profile description is not there but profile picture will suffice the requirement. A brad without a picture doesn’t look good. Newbies may feel shy and hesitant but they have to do it some day.

Time for you to speak

I am repeating my question again- Do you agree that profile picture contribute to blog brand?

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