How important is it to have a fresh content for your blog?

Fresh-content-for-blogsGoogle appreciates fresh content of a blog. Your blog is a living, breathing entity of internet. A static website / blog without any updated content is interpreted as dead by the search engines. So make it breathe by updating fresh content in it. Once a website has been uploaded it is easy to forget about it, however refreshing online content on a regular basis is vital in maintaining a competitive edge.

An old blog post if updated is considered to be a fresh content by the search engine.

Importance of a fresh content for a blog

  • Fresh content is appreciated by Google

This was the very first line of my content and let me explain it to you. Google bots that crawls the web is constantly looking for the fresh content in the web pages. If they come across any then adds the fresh content to the Google index. If you update your content with reliable and valuable information then the ranking of your website will hike in Google.

Updating content doesn’t mean providing the unnecessary and irrelevant information. It also doesn’t mean that you need to update it every hour. An old content can be updated weekly or monthly.

  • Invite more audience to your website

Fresh content will keep your audience updated with more and more information. The current subscribers of your blog will be kept updated with with these fresh content. Take the help of RSS feeds or email newsletters to let your subscribers know.

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Your updated content which will provide necessary information to your visitors will convert them into loyal visitors.

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Use a marketing blog to let your visitors know about the importance of your blog and make them realize how is your blog distinct from other blogs. Deliver articles to them of their soul satisfaction so that they remain loyal to you.

  • Fresh content facilitates link building

Link building now favors fresh and quality content. Search engines also look at the quality of links coming to a page to help determine determine it’s page rank. One of the appropriate way for link building is that create a  quality content so that other bloggers link to your blog posts.

  • Fresh content makes an authority website

It is the dream of every blogger to become an expert in its niche which will make it an authority website. The more frequently you update new contents to your website the more probability your blog will have to become an authority. The more relevant, informative, up-to-date and quality content your website will provide, the faster your website will become an authority.

In addition if your website is able is able to publish the updated industry news and each time you create a news a page is added on to the Google index.

  • Fresh content frequently indexes a site

It is not that every time you publish a fresh content, your site will be indexed by Google. But the chances of being indexed increases and if the content suffices the requirements to be indexed by Google then it is done.

A site may be indexed based upon the combination of the incoming links to the site, the type of keywords used and how often a site is updated with images, videos or some valuable information. Every time you make an update to your site the search engines will take notice and re-arranges the page ranking of your site.

Search engines use crawlers that are high tech programs that scan the internet for the websites. These crawlers indexes the sites based upon the number of algorithmic factors determined by the search engine company.

  • Increases the opportunities for greater number of keywords

Every time you publish a new content, you increase the opportunities for your site to contain more and more keywords. Greater combination of keywords means you are presenting greater opportunities to search engines to come across your blog or website. Keywords are high on the algorithm chart for search engine indexing and ranking. Thus adding new content with new relevant keywords allows you to attract new traffic to your blog and rank very high in long tail keywords.

 Conclusion !!

You should do lots to increase your search engine rankings, fresh content also contributes to this rank hike. The more you write, the more open your blog becomes to the search engines.  The goal of a search engines is to return the most relevant results to its users. For your part, this requires an honest assessment of your content.

The more fresh content you have flowing in your website the more visitors will keep coming to your blog.


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    You are right.. Google favors fresh content..You have written the summary of entire article in the last line of this post.. 🙂 It’s an Informative article.. Thanks for sharing!

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