How much essential is social bookmarking for your website?

Social BookmarkingWe often use bookmarks to keep a track of the page we had read last and return back to the same without much searching. Social bookmarking also enables website visitors to come back to their favorite websites by not making much effort in searching for it. Do you find it interesting? Shall I continue with more details?

Social bookmarking is an efficient way of e-marketing. Bookmarking sites allows members to save the links they are keenly interested in and even share it across to other members so that even they are also aware of those websites. Marketing strategies are turning out to be very important for all the companies because without it products or websites cannot be promoted.

Social bookmarking is a handier tool in doing so. They are at times more helpful for searching than the search engines because you can get lost among millions of search results but not in social bookmarking sites.

Coming to the topic of discussion now –

How much essential is social bookmarking for your website?

Find the answer in the below mentioned points

1. Social bookmarking helps in getting web traffic

Social bookmarking sites increases web traffic by bringing in more and more visitors to your site. Actually, these sites are basically used for this purpose, of course other utilities are also there. Your loyal reader can save the link of your website in these  bookmarking sites and can also share it with its friends and relatives too. In this way you get more visitors to your site. Definitely it is also dependent upon the quality of your content and also the popularity of your website.

2. Get back links through social bookmarking sites

If you save link of your favorite website and share it with others then their is a possibility of your website’s link being saved by other member. This is how you get back links to your site because the loyal visitors of that member will come back to your site too. Back links come from users who share your website’s links to other websites.

These back links brings in lot of visitors to your site and thereby increase the web traffic. The more traffic you have the higher you are on google ranking.

3. Increase in Google Ranking

Social bookmarking have the ability to link your  website to multiple sites. Therefore it enhances your google ranking also. This may take a lot of time but it will turn out to be fruitful and even provides an indirect way of advertising your site to someone else’s site. So, without spending a penny you can get good advertisements.

4. Become a brand blogger through social bookmarking

These social bookmarking sites allows you to establish your self as a brand by creating your own profile where you can enlist the URLs of your websites and even your key skills. This will help in establishing your self and will even popularize your website.

5. Build up good relationships

Visitors get to know you through bookmarking sites. These sites highlights the best features of your website and also invites visitors. They visit your website and read your articles> They may even post comments, share it through social media sites and if you are frequent in interacting with them then they build up good relations with you. So keep a track of the visitors conversations and create long lasting relationship with them. After all one will gift you with another one visitor which will sum up to TWO.

6. Save URLs of websites

Computer bookmarks give a limited space to save the URLs of the sites. So it is good to do it online through social bookmarking sites. This will also give an ease of retrieving it. This will give you the facility of saving as many URLs you wish to do without any restrictions with the space.

 Final Verdict

If you haven’t made any submission to the social bookmarking sites, then don’t delay and go for it. It will boost up your page ranking , web traffic and the popularity of your website. Even if visitors don’t come to your site through search engines they can do that through social bookmarking sites.

Do you agree with me – on the essentiality of social bookmarking for your website?

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