How to convert website visitors into loyal visitors?

Website Visitors : They are the ones who mainly visit your website for some information gathering purpose or may be some other reason and then go away, without sticking around to your website. Most of the website visitors are the one time visitors of your website.

Loyal visitors : They the returning website visitors of your website and are the actually the real traffic generators of your site. They are the real participants of your website. They post comments, do social shares, take part in social bookmarking, make subscriptions and even bring in more website visitors to your website.

I explained the two briefly, which one is more preferable for you? Website visitors or loyal visitors?

Both are important on their part because it is these website visitors are the new comers of your website and in future turn out to be the loyal visitors. On the other hand these loyal visitors increase the web traffic of your website and even gift you with lots of new visitors.

So they are both correlated. But ultimately the popularity of  a website lies in the hands of its loyal readers. The more loyal readers a website will have the more famous it is.


How to convert website visitors into loyal visitors ?

Frequently update your blog

It’s a great feeling that your blog post is liked by your website visitor. And the visitor again comes back to your site after a week say, and finds no new updates. If you are lucky enough then he/ she may visit for the third time. And again has to go empty handed away.

At last they lose courage to visit your blog again and you lose them forever.

Maintain a specific pattern of publishing your blog post. Make one post every day or thrice a week but stick to this pattern. Schedule your post in advance so that even if your are not available on your PC, your website visitors are not deprived of your article. By doing this the frequency of the publishing of your blog post will not be disrupted in the eyes of your website visitors.

Have an interactive way of writing

Your website visitors love when make the use of the word “you” in your blog post. They feel that your are interacting with them through your blog and they feel privileged about it. This feeling pulls them towards your blog and they turn out to be loyal readers of blog and get traffic to your site.

Interaction is also done through social networking sites, by replying to the comments,etc. This helps in building a community and friendliness with your website visitors.

Respond to the comments (good or bad) posted by your visitors and thank them for it.

This proves to be very beneficial in converting website visitors to loyal visitors.

Seduce website visitors through quality content

You might be friendly and interactive with your website visitors but there is no point in doing this if you don’t offer them good quality content.

Your readers brand you as a blogger through your quality content.

It is a desire of every blogger to rank high on google but what is the point of being on top of google ranking if you don’t have loyal readers. This can be only achieved it you produce a quality content.

So optimizing your content for search engines is important but quality content is of more priority.

Reward your website visitors

If you are willing to take from one hand then be that much open-hearted to give from another hand. This is how it works. You are taking so much from  your website visitors like their good comments, the social shares done by them of your website’s URL, and many more but you are not giving them any thing in return. Is it worth it?

NO its not. You should give them some exciting offers like free downloads, discount offers, commentluv where they can provide the URL of their recently made post, etc.

This makes them feel that they are not left abandoned by you and they in turn become loyal readers from website visitors.

Concluding words

Here are the ways of converting website visitors into loyal readers. Do you find it that difficult ? I think no because it is all about making your readers realize that their loyalty will not go a waste and encourage them to stick around.

If this process of making your website visitors into loyal readers really works for you then do let me know in the comment section below.

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