Simple Hacks To Make Reader Read Entire Article- Try it Now!

Whenever you start writing your blog post you have one main motive in your mind – to make visitors read your article, after all you write for them.

Writing is not enough, you have to do lots more even after that. Posting comments, encouraging readers to do social shares, doing lots after publishing your blog post, search engine optimization and many more. One such process is to ensure that visitors read your article completely. It is only then your article is worthy when it holds the readers till the end.

There are many ways to know that visitors read your article and you all must ave come across these, but mustn’t have realized  it.




Ways to ensure that visitors read your article completely

1. Meaningful comments

You can simply find out whether the comments posted by visitors are valuable comments or spam comments. The ones who  post comments for back link purpose of their website and don’t read your article sincerely, post junk comments like “Nice Post, Great Post”, etc and that is it! They have nothing to say more. Sometimes also give comments beyond topic of your article.  Whereas the ones who understand what you have written and take some knowledge from it, post valuable comments in which they express what they have understood, give suggestions, answer to questions put by you and even ask questions to you.

2. Do social shares

The ones who read your article and even like it, will share it over social media sites with their friends and relatives. Some of them take a gist of the entire content by just reading the title and the sub-headings till the end . But the ones who read your article  thoroughly even summarize it in words in the social sites, so that it is not overlooked by their friends and relatives.

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3. Make subscriptions

The ones who read your article may even make subscriptions for email newsletters or RSS feeds. Subscriptions are at times free or charge  money so even if your visitors are making subscriptions, this implies that they have read your article. Because no one will invest in money to some thing blindly, without knowing its worth.

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4. Save URL in social bookmarking sites

Social bookmarking is a very effective way of e-marketing. which brings in a lot of web traffic Members of these websites save the URLs of their favorite sites along with the keywords, etc. So the ones who save the link of your website are definitely a loyal visitor of your website  and wish to spread the awareness of your site to other fellow members of bookmarking sites.

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5. Use in Yahoo Answers

Yahoo answers are another effective way of popularizing websites and getting web traffic. Most of the authors take part in these to give answers to questions and give links for their websites so that readers view the entire article where they will get the full details.

But in some cases authors take the answers from someone else’s website if they don’t have their own blog post relevant to that answer. So the ones who read your article thoroughly and like it; will only use it to answer the question.

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6. Turn out to be loyal visitors

New visitors become returning visitors only if they read your article online and get inspired from it. These returning visitors are the actual loyal readers of your website and contribute to  increase your web traffic. They read your article and pass it on to others.

Conclude the discussion of ways of ensuring that visitors read your article

Do you really think that it is necessary to ensure that visitors read your article online? Yes it is so, otherwise they is no point of writing a blog post if you are not bothered to know whether visitors read your article or not. This blog post gives you sure shot ways of ensuring your self that visitors read your article completely

It is very disgusting for a blogger if visitors simply just move out of your website and not read it.

What is your opinion in this?

In what way do you ensure your self whether readers read your article other than these and if you don’t do so then start from today.

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