How To Get Outstanding Blog Comments From Your Readers

Blog CommentsBloggers who are newly introduced to the blogosphere often wonder how the old blogs and several other blogs get so many great blog comments. It’s totally justified and why shouldn’t they wonder right? Who doesn’t like to get appreciation for their hard work?

Blog comments not only symbolize that your posts are being liked by the visitors, but also enhances the engagement of the author with the readers. Getting the few first precious blog comments can also turn your blog into a discussion hub and hence have the ability to give you unimaginable page views for the quality posts.

Things To Implement To Get Great Blog Comments

There are several things that can be implemented to inspire your readers to leave great comments on blog which in turn can give you high return behind the time that you invest in it. So we will go ahead and discuss the topics in details below.

1. Write Unique Captivating Posts

Writing unique posts or so as you call it in the bloggers term non-hashed post has multiple benefits, leaving behind the exposure from search engine as you might be already familiar with it. It can give you some great meaningful value added comments in your blog as there would not be any similar content available on the same topic or niche elsewhere. These posts are GOLDEN posts as they have all round benefits. Try to leverage the first few users’ comments to bring about a discussion in your comment section. And in no time you will find your comment section flowing over.

2. Set A Standard For Leaving Comments On Blog

Frankly speaking many users do not understand the comment section is not only for getting link back to their websites, but also to share their knowledge, real life experiences and wisdom with other readers of the website. Politely make them understand. Why not go ahead and create a page, which describes the minimum requirements and rules of commenting on your blog in very brief. (Make sure not to make it long or unpractical, else it might fire back).

3. Be Strict While Approving Comments On Blog

The headline describes itself. You should be strict while approving comments on your blog. For any reason do not approve junk comments on your blog. It simply encourages the spammers to leave more such comments. Trust me they aren’t worth any value and instead decrease the trustworthiness of your website to other loyal readers. And don’t feel bad about it, they are not worth approving.

4. Give Space To Your Top Commentators Who Leaves Great Blog Comments

Giving a slice of space to your top commentators is a good investment of your websites real estate. It will encourage them to visit your website more frequently and leave their valuable insights, which will enrich your posts. It also in term encourages other users to follow the same path and hence you get great flow of some worthwhile comments on blog.

5. Follow Back Commentators And Leave Blog Comments On Their Blog

Yes, it’s a great idea to follow back commentators to their blog and share some valuable resources in their blog. It will increase trustworthiness, publicize your blog, create and relation with the other blogger and most of all will give you an inbound link. What more do you need? You will notice the others bloggers have quickly notice what you are doing and will follow the same. So you are virtually creating readers who are greatly interested in leaving your posts with more enriching information.

6. Use CommentLuv To Give Incentive To Your Commentators

I have been personally using Commentluv and I must really say it’s a great plug-in to give something back to your readers. You must be already aware of it. In case if you are not, just let me brief you a bit about it. It’s a wordpress  plug-in that lets the commentators to display their last post on their website hence giving them exposure to a great range of audiences. This was almost not possible to tap before. You can see an example in my comment section below. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and grab one at a discounted price here.

7. Always Reply Back To All The Blog Comments

Make it a habit to reply back to the blog comments, it shows your concern for your readers. They would be more than happy to be back on your website or just sign up for your newsletter to catch up with all your great posts of future. So again, never abandon a comment.

8. Ask Users To Share Real Life Experiences In Post

Sharing real life experiences in the blog comments has some great effect on the other users, it also inspires them to share theirs and hence gives rise to a healthy discussion thread onto your posts. So make sure to you try to start one in each of your posts.

So these are the main ideas to get some great blog comments. If you are aware of any more do share it with us in our comment section and help the community.


  1. Adrienne says

    I totally agree with all of your points here Anubhab, especially #2.

    When leaving a comment try to share some of what you’ve learned with that blog owner. Like if they are teaching something such as what you are doing here, let them know what you’ve experienced. When I first started commenting I really didn’t think anyone would want to hear what I had to say. I was so wrong because just by sharing what I had learned from whatever their post was about, they could connect with me on that level. It was almost like instant “like”.

    Just put a little of yourself in there and you’ll go a very long way. Plus follow all these tips of what you’ve shared and you’ll start seeing a lot more traffic to your blog.

    Thank you for this awesome post Anubhab and you have a wonderful week.


  2. says

    Hi Adrienne,

    Thanks for the valuable comment and sharing your experience with us. I must say getting comments to a blog is as important as writing the post itself. And you are a pioneer in the field. Just as I said before the joy of writing is always completed by the feedback we get from our readers. You too have a great week ahead!

  3. says

    Hi Anubhab,
    First of all congratulation bro for such a useful and interesting article.
    I am great follower of comment.
    It is best way to get backlink, traffic and relationship with blog owner.
    Best part is it is Google Penguin and Panda Safe 🙂

    • says

      Hi Sandeep,

      Thanks for dropping by and commenting. Yes your are correct that its Panda and penguin proof. However its best to combine it with other link building techniques, else it can be generating link with only one type of keyword. Which could be pretty bad.

  4. katherin says

    Outstanding tips anubhab..
    its a good habit to replay back to the will create a good relationship with your bloggers so that they will keep on commenting on your post..

    • says

      Hi Katherin,

      Yes you are correct its also a very good medium to create great relations with your fellow bloggers. Thanks for dropping by, will be expecting you back soon here again.

  5. Rahul Kuntala says

    hello Anubhab,

    This is the first comment here on your blog.. you’ve written a fantastic piece.

    Few quick (realistic) tips from my side..

    The topic of this post is getting high quality comments and you’re allowing one liners in the comment section.

    I REALLY don’t want to make a negative impact here, the article is awesome (nice concept – which made me to make a comment here :)) but you should consider removing the useless comments..

    Thanks for the share! Keep rockin!

    • says

      Hi Rahul,

      Thanks for the info. I really wanted to stay out of these one liners. But sometimes closest of the firends leave them and you know what happens. 🙂 Anyway, your comment made me change my thought and no more one liners will be allowed here. 🙂 Thanks for dropping by.

  6. Ehsan Ullah says

    Hey Anubhab, Getting quality comments always motivates the blogger to write more of the quality posts to receive more quality comments (It motivates me too). I always get good number of comments on my posts because of the following reasons:

    1. I value my readers and I do reply to their comment.
    2. I try to solve their problem as much as I can
    3. I comment on their blog
    4. I build relationship with those bloggers.
    5. I gain their trust.
    6. I use CommentLuv premium plugin (CommentLuv is really a great plugin to increase the number of comments)


    • says


      Really thanks for listing down your comments. As you pointed gaining trust and having a friendly relation with the fellow bloggers is really a valuable thing to have. It can really determine the course of a blog. Happy blogging!

  7. John Casher says

    Hi Anubhab,Great post here. I agree with the points you enumerated here. I, for one, feel more inclined to read posts when I see a lot of comments. It is true that a lot of knowledge could be gained from comments especially if they are from smart commentators. I also find it more motivating to share my views when I see that the blogger takes time to reply to the comments so congrats on this awesome post!

  8. says

    Hi Anubhab,
    I totally agree with you on these points. I think point #5 is one excellent way bloggers should go by. I have always done this and it’s amazing how I end up building solid relationships.

    Of course, commentluv is a highly recommended plugin to boost comments

    Thanks for putting this up!

  9. Arup Ghosh says

    Commentluv drives more comments , its true but I think the quality is compromised as most of the comments are made to get backlinks.

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