How To Increase Productivity Using Lucid Chart Chrome App

ProductivityWith the overflow of information and interruptions most of us today face a challenging issue with productivity, and this magnifies if the goals are not well defined and the paths are unplanned. And you keep wondering about how to increase productivity.

Not having a plan is like walking blind on the path hoping to reach your goal just by chance. Don’t trust my words? Try it yourself! Set a goal 25 Feet away and start walking towards it with your eyes closed. When you feel you have reached your goal just open your eyes and you will be surprised to see how wrong you were.  Same thing happens in every other field whether it is online marketing, business or any other project.

Why Planning Is Needed To Increase Productivity ?

While setting a goal we all do have some small plans about how the things should work. That is the point you should start noting them down, because once the thought is lost you will not be able to reach the same spot once more. But if these thoughts are recorded in a more professional and managed way it can help you a lot later.

We have found such a tool online which will take care of all the above and do much more than that. It is called Lucid Chart. Although they have a standalone and a chrome app version, we are going to limit ourselves in the chrome app as the other too functions almost exactly in the same way.

The Lucid Chart helps to increase productivity by transforming your ideas into flowcharts, mockups and Mind map diagrams. This in turn can split your big ideas into small scalable goals and also keep a track of it at the same time.

Increase Productivity

Here are the list of noticeable features of Lucid Chart below:

  1. Stunning HTML 5 built workspace design.
  2. Collaborate with other team mates in real-time and draw diagrams.
  3. Create and Edit files from Google drive without logging into Lucid Chart.
  4. Auto Backup of all your work on set time to save your precious thoughts.
  5. Hundreds of pre built customizable quality templates to choose from



Immediately after installing the app in your chrome browser you will come to see the real beauty of the app. It is very nicely laid out with all the designing tools on the left and the other saving options. You can also search for more layout or option from either Google search or your local hard drive.


The most useful feature of the app is of real time collaboration and it really helps you to brainstorm ideas with your teammates from all over the world and keep a track of it via the Google drive. Since its real time you can see the changes being made instantly and make your decisions upon that.

Drive Integration

Perhaps the most creative idea was to integrate the whole thing with the Google drive so you do not need to open up a special app page or similar thing to do your work with the Lucid Chart. The option is directly integrated with Google drive once you allow the software to do so. Hence it is always only a click away.

Auto Backup

Who does not fear the crisis of loosing valued information and ideas by mistake? So Lucid chart went ahead and made sure you never lose your data or your time (to make backups) anymore. The software comes with a feature of auto backup where you can schedule the time of backup and all your data regarding the software will be automatically backed up.

 Hundreds of Templates

When the idea is to increase productivity, who can under value the role of pre-designed professional templates? And Lucid Chart has them in hundreds to choose from. So you do not need much time to build when the idea is ready in hand. However you can also go ahead with you own design if you would love to do so.

Here below you can view the features of Lucid Chart app in the Video.


Do let us know if this chrome app was of help and had been useful to increase productivity.

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