How to know if your website visitors love you personally?

website visitorsA blogger’s identity is through his blog post: If your blog posts are mesmerizing it means that  your websites visitors will surely love you personally. Your blog posts should reveal your identity and the way you feel.

Online world is all about gaining attention and love which will not come on its own, you have to earn it. Knowing your loved website visitors is as important as posting a good blog. Not only that you should also captivate your unique visitors by conversing with them as much as you can.  For example – if a reader comments on your blog post then make sure that you reply back. The Website Visitor will like that his comments are being acknowledged by you and they start liking you as a person also.

Today I will be sharing with you ways by which you will know if your website visitors love you personally or not.

1. Get comments on your blog posts by website visitors

If you get positive comments by regular website visitors it means that they love reading your articles every time you post them. If you schedule your posts in a specific time and see the comments around that time, you can understand that visitors wait for your posts at the scheduled time and don’t want to miss them. Also you’ll see the way someone addresses you and greets you like – “Hi my friend, how have you been?” gives you a warm feeling that your website visitors love you personally through your blog posts.

2. Use Google Analytics 

There are many analytical tools available in the market which will help you, as the website owner to track the number of visitors visiting you site. It will also monitor the number of daily visits your website is having. The statistics of the website visitors will help you in knowing that how many visitors love visiting your site. Not only that – Google Analytics will also show you the number of old visitors who are returning back to your site and the number of new visitors. The increasing number of returning website visitors will give you the pleasure of being loved by them.

I use Google Analytics and it has been very helpful to me, which analytical tool do you use?

3.Implementing Web Forums

Web Forums are very popularly used tool to read the minds of your website visitors. They can post their comments, put up questions, their likes and dislikes, and their expectations they have from your website. The simpler meaning of web forum is community forum where you can enlarge your community as much as you can by fulfilling the requisitions of the users. The more people are expressing their likes and dislikes it means the more they expect you to post and you are admired by them.

Make yourself more and more available in the forum so that website visitors love you personally and will have the assurance that they are not put back by you after they have read your blog post.

4.Taking Interviews

You can also hold online interviews which is somewhat similar to the web forum. You can ask your website visitors whether they would like to take part in the interview. The lovers of your website will never say no to you. Just Try It Out!

Try to make the questionnaire very easy for the visitors so that they can understand the questions put by you. Also give a slight personal touch to your questions like – the native place of the user, his or hers hobby, keen interests, etc. Always keep the same questioning pattern same for all the website visitors so that you correlate the information and categorize the users as per their likes and dislikes.

These will help you in making the kind of blog posts which a particular category of user will like and will privileged to be a visitor of your website. Also don’t keep your blog posts restricted to only one category of users, this will make the other users feel that you are being unbiased to them and will take them away from your website.

These petty things if taken into account will make the website visitors love you personally.

Website Visitors

5. Use Social Networking Sites 

Social Networking Sites are gaining wide popularity all over the world because it is a very common medium of bridging the gap between different kinds of people belonging to different parts of the world. If you are a blogger then you must take the help of these sites to attract more and more website visitors. People will post their likes and comments and will even share your post with their friends. In this way, more number of people will be made aware of your blog posts and you as a blogger. Getting increasing number of likes will help you know that website visitors love you personally.

All I have to say is that website visitors who love your blog posts should be regular lover of your site. If you have been able to do this then these returning unique visitors will gift you with increasing website visitors. This will also increase the density of your community forum. All you have to do is to protect the interest of the visitors and trust me this will make – “Website Visitors love you personally”.

I adopt the above tools to know that website visitors love me personally through my blog posts, which practice do you follow and what are your opinions?

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