How to learn from your blogging mistakes

dumb-mistakeBlogging mistakes are bound to happen in the life of a blogger, whether a newbie or an experienced blogger. Difference lies – newbies are prone to make more of it and experienced ones make less blogging mistakes. These mistakes lead you to a two way street.

One is that a blogger gets bogged down with these mistakes and degrade their writing quality; Another is they take these blogging mistakes as challenge and learn from it. Which one do you prefer if when you make a mistake?

This blog post of mine are mainly for the ones belonging to the first category who get bogged down from these blogging mistakes.

Learn from your blogging mistakes

1.  Feel hesitant to express yourself?

You blog is your mirror where you can reflect yourself. So there is nothing to feel shy to express your own self. If you polish the words of some other blogger and present it in your article then its a mistake.

All you get in return is that your visitors have  already read before what you have written. This will affect your image and can even lead to negative comments or simply snatching the readers away from your blog.

So you should take a lesson from such kind of blogging mistakes made and write what you feel rather than speaking some else’s words. Your visitors read your blogs because they want to get a bit of your thoughts so don’t put them down.

2. Getting discouraged by late results?

It takes time to bring out blogging results, so if you are getting delayed results in the beginning don’t panic and put your spirit down. Once you have successfully stepped into the blogging cycle of the blogosphere  you will definitely get results either good or bad.

Results can be monetary benefits, popularity, visitors expectations, etc.

I do agree that quick results are liked by everyone but it is not the case in blogging. You continue writing your own stuff and you will get your own share in return.

3. Getting impulsive to negative comments?

This is one of the major blogging mistakes. It might happen that your thoughts are not compatible with some one else’s and the author has posted a negative comment against your article.  And now that hurts your ego that badly that you too give a harsh reply.

It will not help you out in any way rather will set up the argument fire. The best thing that can be done on your part is to get affirmative and find out the truth. If you are wrong then apologize for it and if the second person is wrong then clear his doubts.

      4. Use of complicated language?

Use a simple language to write your blog post. You may be very good at english with a knowledge of complicating words but this will not work in this blogging world You have to think of ability of the readers and not yours. So if you doing such kind of blogging mistakes then stop then and there.

Because if you continue with this then no sooner your readers will be commenting you that- “cannot understand XYZ  please explain this”

Your article should reach out to a variety of audience. Then only it is worthy. Provide knowledge to your visitors in a simple and clear way.

5. Lack of proofreading?

It is very important to proofread the blog post written by you, twice or thrice till the time you are confident enough of publishing it. Blogging mistakes at the time of writing can be rectified by proofreading, so don’t make haste to publish it.

Too many errors in the post makes it non-presentable and it makes the readers feel that you din’t take much interest in your own article. So you should not expect your readers also to take interest in it.

6. Not posting  comments?

I do agree that you feel lazy at times to post comments in some one else’s article but this is a must thing that should be done. These kind of blogging mistakes lead to losses to the bloggers. Relationships are built in this way in the blogging world.

This is a very handier way of coming to limelight. You should also reply to the comments coming to your blog posts and take part in the conversation.

Should you learn from your blogging mistakes?

I would bring an end to this discussion by putting up a question to you that – should you learn from your blogging mistakes? It is better to make blogging mistakes in the preliminary stage of blogging rather than doing it in the advanced stage. Learn from your mistakes and rectify it so that you never repeat it again.

Share your experiences of what you have learnt from your blogging mistakes?

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