How to leverage web 2.0 properties to get back links for your blog

web_2_0web 2.0 is a very solid way of getting web traffic for your blog. Such websites have high google ranking and trusted by search engines. The only thing you have to do is to create an account in it and write articles in web 2.0 websites;  Most importantly  don’t forget to give links to your own blog. In this way the readers will come back to your blog too. Web 2.0 sites are quie trusted by the search engines.

Five  best web 2.0 sites

1. squidoo

2. blogger


4. HubPages

5. Twitter

Web 2.0 properties gives back links – Check out how!

1.   Convenient to use web 2.0 sites

Web 2.0 sites are very easy to use. They help in enhancing the look of the website by allowing the insertion of images, videos, wikipedia articles. Visitors are more attracted towards well formed web pages and this helps in getting back links for your blog if they find the post to be an interesting one

2. Allows editing

Is it possible to edit your content after your blog post is published? The answer is yes if you are using a web 2.0 site. You can make changes to the content even after it is published. It is a good practice of updating your blog post with more and more information. This also contributes in getting back links and web traffic.

3. Building community

Web 2.0 helps in building community by using online forum, or chats. visitors can interact with the author and give suggestions, criticisms and information . This will also provide back links to your blog .

 4. High PR

These sites have high PR and they are usually the top ten ranker in google. Definitely they will pull the rank of your blog too which will result in high web traffic. High web traffic means great number of backlinks

5. Proper modularization

Each component of web 2.0 pages for example that in squidoo are modularized. These allows easy editing, re-ordering and deletion.  This will allow you to rearrange the components of the web page.  Well structured components makes the blog post more readable by the visitors. They take interest in reading and visit your blog if they find a link there.

Its time to start it now and if you aren’t using  web 2.0 sites for your blog posts. quickly sign up for the best ones and start publishing your articles in this. I believe that most of you must have tried to increase the number of traffic by commenting on other’s blogs, yahoo answers, guest post, social media sites, etc. If any of these aren’t working out and giving you your expected results then go in for web 2.0 sites. And then come back to the comment section and let me know whether it has worked.

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