How to select a website before submitting a Guest Post

Guest bookGuest post is a relevant and attractive post made by the blogger other than the owner of the website. It is turning out to be a very popular tool in gaining web traffic and SEO optimization. Guest posting provides you with editorial links which is one of the best links to pull your google ranking high.

Do you think that it is that easy to submit a guest post? It’s a big NO. A lot of researches have to be made before making a guest post. You have to search for the best website which is eligible to have your guest post in it. After that you have to convince the website owner that you are capable to stand up to the crowd.  After the convincing program is over you have to search for a relevant unique topic that will make the website distinct and will give you thorough recognition in the industry.

Qualities which a website should have, to be eligible to have your guest post in it.

 1.   Frequently published articles including guest post

Check for the dates on which the articles have been published in the website. If it is within small intervals then it is an active website and is worth posting your guest post. Goggle likes frequent posts. I am not saying that the site should publish ten articles a day and remain dormant for the rest ten days. The frequency of the posting should be kept consistent. For say, one post a day at a specific time is good enough to make visitors visit the website. This will invite guest bloggers and will increase guest posting too in the website.

2.   Attractive website

It’s human nature to get attracted to beautiful things, then why not visitors will get attracted to a beautiful neat and clean website. Keeping this in mind, search for a good looking and an active website to publish your guest post. This will make you popular amongst the visitors and will give you more back links for your own website too.  This will also give a boost to SERP (Search engine result pages) using SEO (Search engine optimization)

3.   Good Content in the website

Analyze the articles published in the website and their quality too. If it is of good standard then you can ascertain that it is feasible for your guest post. Make sure that the articles are not copied and published from someone else’s article. The main striking feature of great blogs are- they have unique content revolving around particular topics and industry.

4.   Proper Navigation

A website which gives a facility to navigate to other pages and sometimes other websites is of great usability. Goggle bots love the websites which can be easily navigated. If they can’t then the page ranking of the website will also not increase. Check this factor before you submit guest post.

5.   Page Indexing

A website with a good page indexing should be preferable for you to publish your guest post in it. The word indexing means that goggle has added the pages of the website in its database. A website can have a good page index if it is ranking high on google, it has appropriate links, it can be speedily loaded, etc. Such kinds of websites are highly visited so you can publish the guest post.

6.   Ample amount of Comments

Good and large number of comments gives a touch of perfection to the website. There is a list of websites which are highly commented by the visitors. Those kinds of sites are good to submit guest post. Visitors especially the returning visitors love visiting their favorite websites for the latest updated articles. In this way they will come across your post too.

7.   Website age

An older website is more popular than the new one. So always prefer to select those kinds of sites for guest posting. An older website has more probability to be in the long run of google ranking than the new ones.

8.   Average social shares

All the bloggers take the help of social media sites to increase the traffic of the website. Facebook and twitter has a very important role in doing it. The more the posts of the website are being liked, shared and subscribed for the more popular it is. So that factor is also very considerate for making a guest post.

If you are a guest blogger then make sure you check all these qualities in the website before making a guest post. Guest posting is now being considered as the golden key to open the doors for the visitors to your website. But as mentioned in my previous article on guest post keep your strategies correct then only you will turn out to be a loved guest blogger. After choosing your desirable website you have to find out ways to convince the owner of the website that you are competent enough to publish you guest post in his website.

Do you prefer guest posting? If yes then what steps do you take before submitting a guest post other than the above mentioned by me?

I would love to share your opinions in the comment section.

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