How To Find Profitable Keyword For Your Blog & Make More Money?

It is very important to have a profitable keyword for your new blog because it is this keyword through which the user will come across to your article. Having a profitable keyword is a most important part of the SEO campaign.You will make your blogging career fall into pit if you have a non- profitable keyword for your blog.

A blogger should be very precise with his keyword selection just to popularize his new blog and enable it to have a proper ranking in google. Getting a profitable keyword is like a number game. You have to do a lot of permutations and combinations to come across one such.

The upcoming words of this blog post will show you the three ways of getting  a profitable keyword but let me let you that no matter how positive results you will get but always polish the conclusion by brain storming it. After all it is your personal instincts which help you in moving on.

How to select profitable keyword for your new blog ?

1. Use Keyword search tools

There are various keyword search tools available online which helps in getting you keywords easily. They collect the data from the searches customers do, to come across their desirable information. These keyword search tools provide you with profitable keyword for your blog post.

One such commonly used free search tools is Google Adwords. The below image will show you how it works.

2. Keywords should be of low competition and high search volume

The keywords that is to be targeted for your blog post should be of low competition and high search volume. Keyword search tools provide you with that facility. Every blogger aims to have its website top ranking in google, so low competition means less websites are in the queue to be highly ranked for that particular keyword. If you go in for high or medium competition then you have to struggle a lot with your content, do immense hard work on search engine optimization, social shares, bookmarking, etc. Such keywords are profitable keyword but requires authority for the website to rank.

High search volume means a large a number of visitors are searching for that keyword, so it good for you to have your website in the list so that it is visited more often by the visitors.

But what should a blogger do if he is having a new blog ? Why not try something different to come to the up front as long as it is ethical. Go in for keywords having low competition and low search volume. Contradictory to what I said, isn’t ? The reason is that since your’s is a new blog so you have to surpass a lot many bloggers to rank high in google for that particular keyword. In that case a keyword with a low search volume can prove to be  a profitable keyword for your blog. The rest what you have to do can be read in the below topics to get more and more web traffic.

3. Focus on keywords for SEO

For search engine optimization of your new blog, you should have enough of visitors and more the loyal visitors to bring in web traffic to your site. First of all you should have a quality content to make it worth reading and appreciated by the visitors rather than making them move away from your website.  But apart from this your quality content should also have a profitable keyword because ultimately it is this keyword which will bring visitors to your site. Some newbies have the notion that if they keep their website active with frequent posts then that is good enough for SEO purpose. This is partially agreeable but it very important to have profitable keyword for these random posts else your whole effort will go a waste.

Final words on having a profitable keyword for your new blog

If you have a new blog then you have to depend upon a profitable keyword apart from the web traffic gaining tools. Now that doesn’t mean that you have enriched your article with keywords and leave your content unattended. Remember that a profitable keyword used in your blog post will impress only the search engine and not the visitors.

What is your opinion in regards of having a profitable keyword ?
What strategy do you use other than these to have a profitable keyword for your blog?
Which keyword search tool do you prefer to use to get profitable keyword for your blog?

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