How to update your skills slowly using social media everyday?

Advent of social media sites has given a new edge to the world of internet. It is turning out to be very popular among the people especially the ones belonging to the new generation. Social media gives numerous benefits to its members like communication with people round the globe and with their relatives and friends. It is a connecting medium between two separated friends. You as a blogger can get lot of benefits from social media sites.

Besides seeking benefits from these social media sites have you ever realized that you have been able to update your skills slowly and gradually in which you have been lacking. This post of mine is all about that.


How to update your skills slowly using social media sites?

1. Updates Communication Skills

It is very important for a blogger to have good communication skills only then he / she will be able to communicate with its website visitors and encourage them to do social shares and post comments.

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The bloggers who are introvert or hesitate to talk should engage themselves in social networks. This engagement will also enhance their Klout score which will increase their popularity besides enhancing their communication skills.

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2. Update Knowledge Skills

Social media is not all about interacting with people, uploading exciting pictures of your trips and outings. updating profiles, etc. It is also a knowledge repository if you make correct utilization of it. Some members of social media sites post some very informative articles which will give you good knowledge.

The discussions and interactions which you make with your fellow bloggers also provides you good knowledge at times and gives you some of the blogging ideas and tips of doing it. They at times share some of their secrets with you on a personal level which motivates you too.

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This knowledge will also assist you in answering the questions of your audience when they put up questions to you via yahoo answers or through comments.

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3. Update Technical Skills

Ones who are into technical field and the ones who are not into the field of technology both can update their technical skills because these social media sites is itself a symbol of advancement in technology. Besides this the information which you get from Facebook on technical issues is also way of enhancing your technical skills.

Some of your online group members may also share with you links through which some of the useful software can be downloaded or links of some important websites. So even if you are not aware of advancements of technology social media will help you out with it.

4. Update Creative Skills

Social media sites like Facebook and many more are revealing sites which reveals your personality, your likes and dislikes, your opinion and your thoughts to your co-members, your website visitors and your fellow bloggers. Besides these it also reveals your creative skills and gives you an opportunity to update it.

If you are a blogger then your creativeness which you require at the time of  blogging can be updated through these social media sites by reading the blog posts of some of the experienced bloggers whose links are shared with you.

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If you are a photographer or a lover of photos, then you get inspired by the creative photos with high resolution, beautiful visual effects, background colors and striking color combination, uploaded on the internet . This will update your creative skills too. Creativity gives you brandedness.

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Concluding Words

These social media sites are not only giving you numerous benefits but also enhances your skills which will help you at education and work . So if you are not much involved in social media then don’t restrain your self and move ahead. But don’t get addicted to it and don’t let it affect your work.

Which skills of you have been updated through social media? Do let all of us know so that we can also check ourselves out.

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