How to use Yahoo Answers to bring targeted audience to your blog?

Got the AnswerYahoo Answers is a built in community of people in which they share their knowledge related to a particular topic and this is how they help others and themselves too. Create a yahoo account and try answering the questions of the visitors. Trust me you will have a good amount of visitors to your website provided the answers are that powerful quality wise to pull them towards your blog and turn them to targeted audience. 

Yahoo Answers are a very efficient way of getting back links to your website. In my previous articles on Guest Post I spoke about the importance of guest post in the introduction to get traffic and in this I shall be putting some light on the importance of Yahoo Answers rather the best Yahoo Answers for blog posts. 

Yahoo Answers bring targeted audience – How?

1. Answer on the questions in which you are expedite

 Don’t go in for answering questions you are not sure about. Remember that someone else is mastering you in that niche. Stay restricted in your niche and be a king in that. Do a lot of research before making a blog post and giving Yahoo Answers so that you never remain unanswered. 

2. Yahoo Answers should be in full details

 Explain the answers by giving full details. In this way your readers will eye catch your answer and will visit your blog to get more of it where they will get the full details of it.  In case if you don’t have the whole blog ready for it then give a link to some other blog. Your main motive should be of helping your readers. This will make your readers recognize you and they will visit your blogs if it happens to be published.

3. Be the first one to answer questions

 Try giving answers for uncommon questions. In this way you will get more targeted audience. No one will be there to compete you so your answer will be the best among the Yahoo Answers which is good enough. But make sure that it is the best one. 

4. Be very prompt with your answers

 Try answering the recently posted questions. In this way your answers will be looked faster and  may be liked by the visitors. If you delay in giving answers then you will be back in the queue because someone else make take a lead of you ahead. 

5. Be a top contributor to Yahoo Answers

 Yahoo gives points for answering questions. 2 points for answering questions, 10 points for the best yahoo answers and 1 point for voting.  As your points grow you become a top contributor. In this way your visitors will gain trust on you.

6. Give links

 Don’t forget to give links to your blog post relevant to the topic for which you are giving the yahoo answers. This will give you a numerous number of back links useful for getting targeted audience for your website which will in turn increase your web traffic.  

7. Avoid too many answers

 Don’t go in for answering all the questions and give links to your website. This will neither help you neither the supposing targeted audience. Chose one out of ten and make it the best Yahoo Answer. 

Final Thoughts

 Getting targeted audience for your website is a hot topic of discussion for bloggers now a days. Yahoo Answers is one very effective way of doing so. This might prove to be a very time consuming process but the end results will be all the more very fruitful.

After reading the above article I hope that you feel the importance of the best Yahoo Answers for your blog to get targeted audience.

 So, don’t make any delay and sign up for yahoo and do let me know whether Yahoo Answers have helped you or not.  

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