Impact of klout score on bloggers

Klout score is an analytics that measures the influence a person has over social media sites. This analysis is done by taking data from the social networking sites like facebook, twitter, google+, and measures the size of a person’s network.

Klout assigns value to various to online activities based on the participation of an individual on various social site. Klout score is a numerical score assigned to an individual. The average klout score is 40, the higher it is the more influential a person is online.

As you know that social media sites bring in a lot of web traffic. It is very important for a blogger to interact with the users on the  social networking sites and if the blog posts are socially shared then it turns out to be all the more famous. Since klout score is related to social media influence so it should definitely have an impact on bloggers

Good klout score

Impact of klout score on bloggers

1. Increases popularity of blogger

As mentioned in the introductory paragraph, it is very important for a blogger to interact with the users on social networking sites. The more active a blogger is online, the higher the klout score he/ she will have. This will make the blogger famous among the users, because it helps in giving recognition to the blogger.

2. Invites Guest bloggers

Guest blogging is a very effective way of increasing web traffic both for the blogger who is making the guest post and for the blogger in whose blog the guest post is being made. Bloggers prefer to make guest posts in the blogs of famous bloggers. A higher klout score attracts more invitations of guest bloggers. This score gives an approximate idea of the popularity of the blogger and thus gives flexibility to the guest bloggers in choosing the appropriate related to their niche.

3. Find targeted audience

Klout score is categorized under genders, occupation, location, age, etc. This helps the bloggers to know the audience they should target at. If a member having a high score belongs to technical background, it is appropriate to write posts on technical niches, if the members are from medical background then write on medical niches. If your niche is mainly suitable for females like those on beauty tips then target female audience . This is how a blogger can get to its targeted audience.

4. Blogger can stand up in the crowd

Every body share the same klout score over the internet, A bloggers which will build a huge contact base online will enjoy a better influence among the audience as compared to a first time blogger. The klout score helps to identify those whose opinion carries more weight with the other internet suffers.

5. Marketing tool for bloggers

Companies pay millions of dollars for marketing and advertising purpose. Klout score is a very effective way of marketing. For a blogger marketing strategies can be email newsletters or RSS feeds with the help of which they can reach out to the audience to let them know about the latest updates. This score also influences marketing by popularizing the blogger.

Concluding words on the impact of klout score on bloggers

This is all I have to say about the impact of a klout score on the bloggers. Celebrities and politicians have a high score because they have a high interaction with the public through social media sites. This helps in bringing one to lime-light.

Like google and other algorithms, klout is evolving to better interpret the data it finds.

Share the ways in which klout score have an impact on your blogging? Do you use klout score as a marketing tool?


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