Importance of using blog post scheduling and why you should not miss it

blog-schedulingThere are times when a blogger takes a break from blogging. Good to do it !! In that case is it appropriate to deprive your readers from your blog posts? It is not write on your part. So use the technique of blog scheduling . Basically a layman understands the word scheduling as fixing up the time for some event in advance so that things don’t miss out. The same thing is applicable in blog scheduling .   You can schedule your blog post in advance, so that it is published at the usual time even if your are not available on your computer.

This article will give the menace of blog scheduling like ways of doing it, importance of blog scheduling and the reasons of not missing it out.

How to do blog scheduling

  • Edit the publishing by clicking on it.
  • Select your desirable date and time at which you want to schedule your post.
  • Click on Schedule

With this little effort your blog post will be scheduled in word press. All this is done before clicking on the publish button.

Why is blog scheduling important for posting blog posts ?

Continue streamlined publishing

Your readers especially the loyal ones get accustomed to reading your blog posts and they have their preferable time of visiting your websites. Different groups of visitors belonging to different geographical regions have their appropriate time of surfing the net and visiting your blog posts.

Edit the published content

It might happen that you have some additional thoughts in mind after you finish writing your blog post. Blog scheduling method is a good option because you will get time in editing your content also before publishing. It also gives you scope of rectifying your mistakes in case if you have overlooked them.

Doesn’t make visitors feel your absence

Suppose you are absent on your computer while on a holiday or for some important work.   So, you will definitely not be able to write. In that case you can write posts at one stretch and schedule it to be posted so that your visitors don’t feel your absence.

Give time to the visitors for reading

Random posting of the blogs doesn’t give time to the readers to absorb your posts. They can even miss out some of them or simply read it superficially and move on to the next one. All your efforts will go a waste then. You ought to give them time to post comments, make shares, etc.

Easy Resource Management

The main resources of a blogger are its post ideas and the profitable keywords. It is these resources which makes a blogger write. Publishing all of them at one go will make their resources exhaust. Blog scheduling provides an easy resource management.

Reasons of not missing out blog scheduling

  1. What if your visitors find no updates at the scheduled time of publishing your blog post? They will check for one, two or maximum three days and will then move away from your blog and most of them go for always.
  2. Blog scheduling prevents your blog from being dormant without posting blog posts. So even you are falling short of post ideas on some day, your blog will not fall short of the blog posts because of blog scheduling.

 End Now !!

Its human psychology to adapt itself to the scheduled things. For say they are used to reading the blog posts of their favorite bloggers when they are having their morning breakfast or when they have come back home from their routine work. So, use the facility of blog scheduling and never make your visitors fall deficit of your articles. After all it is these blogging styles which make you unique in the eyes of your visitors.

Have you been missing out blog scheduling ? If yes know the reasons of not missing it in this article.

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