How to Increase Pageviews on Your WordPress Blog by 300%

Increase Pageviews Of Blog

If you are one of those bloggers who is struggling with lowering down bounce rate & getting more page-views, you are not alone. There are many bloggers out there who are facing the similar problem & this post is your go-to guide to help you start getting more page-views. Even though I have written this blog for WordPress, but it can work also for BlogSpot or any custom platform you are using.

If you want to build a better blog, you must consider increasing the page views on your blogs to make your readers stick to your blog. But how can you make someone spend more time on your blog? Follow the tricks & solution given below & you can also increase your blog pageviews by great extent.

Tricks to increase pageviews of your blog:

1.Make your blog comment friendly

This is the first and foremost thing you need to consider if you want to increase pageviews on your blogs – make them leave a blog comment. Having comments increases the trust factor of your blog & also encourage others to comment. It’s a social-proof & shows a thriving community. 

How to encourage your visitors to comment on your blog posts, then?

  • Use catchy headlines: Use captivating titles on your blog posts to make your visitors click. And offer great content on your blog posts, this way you can make most of the visitors to leave a comment.
  • Make it easy: Don’t make your blog commenting system clumsy, make it easy for them to leave a comment. Don’t use CAPTCHA’s on your blog.
  • End with a CTA (Call To Action): Ask a question at the end of your blog posts and ask them  to share your their views about the topic etc. This will make your readers leave comments on your blog posts, thus increasing page views. Here are few templates that you can use
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The more blog comments you get, the more possibility for you to reduce the bounce rate and increase the page-views on your blogs.

2. Show related posts

This is another tactic used by many bloggers, if you are not using related posts in your blog, do it right now to improve the page views on your blog.

Why using related posts on your blog can double your page views?

The logic is simple. When someone reads a blog posts and if they find them useful, they will be interested in reading more ‘relevant’ articles.  This is why showing related posts under each and every post works like a charm. How to do it then?

Related posts decreases bounce rate

There are free plugins available which can show related posts automatically. Here is a free plugin which is a popular solution fro WordPress.

3. Use your popular posts in the sidebar

This is the most common tip to reduce your bounce rate – showing popular posts in your sidebar can really help your first time visitors to click on two or more pages thus increasing page views.

Popular posts widget

You can either use a WordPress plugin called popular posts plugin or you can manually insert top blog posts using links on your sidebar. If you are using Jetpack plugin, it also offers popular posts widget.

4.Refer to other pages by interlinking

If you want your readers to read or visit more pages on your blog, then interlink to those pages. This is the simplest way to make anyone click on more pages to improve the page views on your blog. But, keep in mind that, interlinking excessively can make your readers hard to digest your blog posts, they might get overwhelmed by too much interlinking.

Make sure you are linking only to those posts which are extremely relevant and give further reference to the current post. Don’t forget to use ‘anchor text’ on your links, this can improve the search engine visibility on your blog posts. If you wish to automate interlinking, you can use SEO smart links WordPress plugin, which I also use. If you are looking for a free solution, you can manually interlink your posts.

5.Use “more tag” on your home page blog posts

Don’t show all the content of your blog posts on your home page. Use “more tag” to display only the excerpts of your blog posts. This way you can make your readers click on the ‘read more’ link. This practice can also make your site loading time faster & you will avoid creating duplicate content.

Another use of this tip is: your readers don’t have to scroll much on your home page. Many online readers give top priority to “scrolling” when they land on any blog.

If you show too many posts or if you don’t use more tags – they will have to scroll till their fingers sore, so don’t make that mistake. Use excerpts to improve your page views on your blog.

6.Write series posts and make them subscribe to your list

No matter which niche you are in, you can write series posts on your blog to make your readers visit your blog again and again to read the contents.

Think about a particular topic to write series posts. Then write a blog post or tell your readers that you are going to write a series posts soon. Encourage them to subscribe to your RSS feed or email list not to miss even a single post in the series.

This way you can build a great email list and also you can make more readers to visit your blog frequently to improve the page views on your blog.

7. Use proper call to actions

Guide your readers. Guide them when they arrive on your blog. Use pages like ‘start here’, ‘archives’ etc to make them read those pages.

This is a common practice among A-list blogger which helps newbies to get started with your blog. This is one technique I’m yet to implement at ReworkEngine, but I would suggest you to add it as soon as possible. I have done this on one of my blog here, which you can see for the reference.

Use the same tactic on your blog. It will not only improve your income but also quadruple page views on your WordPress blog.

Do you have any more tips to increase page views? Do share them below.

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