List of best mentors for a blogger

MentorsNobody can become an expert without the help of  mentors. A mentor is one who gives professional training and guides on professional grounds. Have you ever thought that bloggers also requires mentors ? The answer to this question is yes.

We all know that bloggers write their insights on internet. They write what they feel, they write what they have experienced, they write what their beloved blog readers expect from them

But how they came up to this level? They must have been guided by someone in the initial stage? Who were their mentors?


Today I will share with you the best mentors for a blogger

  • Experienced bloggers – the suitable mentors

Whenever any blogger takes up the blogging profession he / she gets ideas of how to do it by reading the blog posts of experienced bloggers. The way they write – their writing style, the way they hold their readers – by replying to the comments and getting the comments of repeated visitors again and again, The way they interact with their readers, etc.

They learn the menace of these things by reading again and again. But let me tell you that all bloggers don’t get the privilege to become mentors. So it requires a lot more to be put in to come up to this.

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  •  Criticizing comments – the bitter mentors

You must have all experienced that bitter medicines cure your diseases faster? The same thing is implied to blogging. The blogger continues writing if he / she gets positive comments without realizing the mistakes made by him / her till the time a criticizing comment knocks at.

If you can really learn from these criticisms and turn out to be a successful blogger that how good a mentor it was for you. So instead of getting impulsive or bogged down from criticisms, take them as your mentors.

  • Online community – the group mentors

You take a lot of fun in your hectic hours through these social networking sites, now learn some thing from them. The online chats conducted, the online discussions in the community forums teach you a lot. The more you get yourself involved in these community forums the more you learn.

Members share their ideas and the links of informative sites you have come across. There is not one . you will get a group of mentors.

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  • Yahoo Answers – the inquisitive mentors

When you are sitting down to write  blog post, you should have thorough knowledge of what you are taking about. Yahoo allows its members to put up questions and even answers to the questions. You learn a lot and get the in depth knowledge related to your niche.

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Do you consider the above mentioned as blogging mentors ? What are the mentors that have guided you in blogging if not these? These have been and still are my mentors, can’t wait to know yours. 

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