List of posts should be kept handy-Why?

List of postsSome very common questions which come to the minds of the bloggers are- What to write? How to write? Don’t have much to write, what to do? To avoid these situations list of posts should be kept handy.

Sometimes, your mind becomes like a blank piece of paper. Don’t let this persist for a longer period of time otherwise this will lead to the condition namely writer’s block. Handy list of posts will keep you going as a blogger and give enthusiasm to write more.

A break in the rhythm of writing can lead to an end to the writing career of a blogger.

Situations when you need these list of posts handy.

1. Lack of Topics to write upon

I don’t think that there is a single blogger who haven’t faced this problem. There are times when innovative ideas don’t come to your mind. And you sit with a blank word document open in front of you . To avoid this always keep a list of posts handy with you in a notebook, so that you  never run short of topics. Internet, books and newspapers help you in  getting new topics to write upon . So the ones who don’t have much interest in reading start from today so that you get more and more ideas for list of posts.

2.Insufficient information

Suppose you sat down to write and at the back of your mind, you know what you have to write. But when you start writing then you have nothing much to write. In such a situation you start feeling frustrated and decide to move away. Don’t do this; it is the beginning of taking you to the end point. Keeping a List of posts related to other topics is one of the solutions to this problem . Not only that besides these blog post list you should also note down the points related to that topic at that time so that you never stop writing and leave your computer table in between.

These handier list of posts will also give give you an option to switch over to some other topic if you don’t feel like writing at all, on the chosen blog post.

3.Bored of writing on the same category of topics

All bloggers have some liked categories of post lists for example- ideas related to blog posts or topics related to SEO. You continue it for days long but at the end you feel saturated with your stuff and end up leaving an incomplete article. In that case instead of sitting ideal these list of posts will help you then. While you are reading the articles of other bloggers and surfing the net, you might come across some juicy ideas. Don’t let it go away, keep it in your repository like in your- notebook, mobile memo or notepad, for future use when you are saturated with same kind of list of posts.

4.Too much of time gap in writing

Taking breaks and holidays is very essential for you as a  blogger to keep your mind fresh and give more productivity but too much of everything is bad. Very long holidays makes you lazy which leads three consequences-

(i) Degrades your writing skills

(ii) Makes your mind blank in between

(iii) Lack of posts lists ideas to write upon.

List of posts stored at earlier times will not make you a writers block.

Some unfortunate and forbidden events in the family can also pull down your writing spirit. A big List of Posts will give a feeling of ample amount of tasks to be completed.

5.Lack of urge to write

We don’t feel like working every time. Do you feel like writing 24 X 7? I guess no. But as I said previously don’t let it persist for a longer period of time. If you keep a list of posts ideas handy with you, then you can always start writing again after a short break or a stroll or exercise. A long lists of posts in front of you will always urge you to write.

Final Thoughts

An Empty mind is a devil’s workshop. A writer’s block is a devil in disguise which will block your mind and will paralyze your creativeness and post-listinnovative ideas. So  list of posts will you keep you in a somewhat safer position when above mentioned situations arise. The more you write the more you expertise.

Time for questions!

Do you keep a list of posts handy with you? 

What kind of list of posts do you prefer to keep handy?


If you are not in a habit of keeping list of posts handy, then start from today to avoid the above situations.


  1. The Guy says

    Some good points here. I always have a note pad handy with me now and have a host of items to potentially write a blog post on. You never know when you’ll be inspired by a topic and it may well be when you are not close to your computer.

  2. says

    Hi The Guy,

    Yes it is true, when a blogger comes across a topic and is inspired to write upon it is not certain. It is good to note it down.

    Good habit of your’s. Even I also follow this.

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