List of things to do after publishing your blog post

To Do ListWriting a blog post and publishing it involves a lot of activities like researching, sorting out the points, framing the sentences and paragraph, spell check and grammar check, image selection, checking for keyword density and SEO score in word press and finally publishing it. But this is not an end to it; you have to do a lot more even after publishing your blog post.

The efforts put in to your blog post will make it go a waste if you will have zero visitors for it. You have to pull them towards your website. For that you have to adopt a few strategies after publishing your blog post. 

Things to do after publishing your blog post are

1. Proofread your blog post

Even though you proofread many times after you write  a blog post, it is good to do it once more after publishing your post. In case you come across any such silly mistake you can change it before any body else points at it.

It is hard to notice ones own mistakes at times, so you can do it by some one else also like your colleague or your family member. Avoid publishing your post immediately if you have worked late night over it. In that case even if you have checked it multiple times   you will definitely come across hundreds of mistakes after rechecking it in the morning.

2. Comment on other’s blog post

Try giving comments to other’s blog posts related to your niche immediately after publishing your own blog post. Don’t make your comments an unnecessary flattery so that it appears to be a junk comment to the author. Try to make the author realize that his/her’s article was beneficial for you and you could gain some knowledge from it.

Commenting on the blog post of other bloggers is a very efficient tool of getting back links for your articles. It is a way enticing some one else to read your blog. When you post a positive comment there is a chance of the author to visit your own post too. This is how you will get  a back link.

3. Bookmark your content

After you write a blog post and publish it, bookmark it to some of the popular bookmarking sites like Digg, StumbleUpon, Delicious. This will help in deriving a lot of referrals for your post.

4. Share on Social Media Sites

Social Media Sites like facebook or twitter are a very efficient means of bringing visitors to your website. They are the very fastest ways of highlighting your posts in front of the readers. If one will like it then it will be shared across to others. This is how the chain will start extending. Likes and shares on facebook are very important.

Same is the case of Twitter. First of all find out some relevant discussions going on in twitter and take a part in it. After you have taken a lead in the discussion you can share your views related to that topic by sharing links of your blog post. This is how you make others aware of your published blog post.

5. Make contribution on LinkedIn

LinkedIn will also help in amplifying the awareness of the post after publishing it. It as two places- one is group and another is answers. You can share your blog post in the group in which you are a member and another is participating in questions whose answers are available in your post. By briefly answering the questions and sharing the URL of your recently published post will suffice your requirement of getting visitors to your blog post.

6. Post to article directories

Write a 400 words article and post it to article directories. Make sure that the article is related to your blog post. After giving a brief description link it to your blog post. These article directories gives you powerful back links because if visitors will find your article description interesting they will definitely read the whole of it. So make sure that you post your brief article in the best 10 directories after publishing your post.

7. Give links in your guest post

If you are a guest blogger too then publish a guest post in a famous blog and give a link of a recently made post in your blog. Loyal readers of a particular website will visit your post if they like your guest post.

Closing words

Don’t put a full stop to your ongoing activities after publishing a post. You have to do a lot more after that so that your blog post don’t go unnoticed. After you write a blog post and publish it, you have to start a social chain reaction. This can be achieved by doing the following list of things mentioned above.

Do you use similar strategies after publishing your blog post? If yes then do these things work out for you in getting web traffic?


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    Thanks for your valuable comment. These tips will definitely work for your new posts too, in order to get good amount of visitors.

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