List of things you should do for a successful SEO campaign

Seo-campaignA successful SEO campaign is all about having the google page rank of your website / blog up to 1-3 because website visitors preferably look for information up to 3 pages and not more than that. It is an ongoing online competition The first step of a successful SEO campaign is to select a profitable keyword that will bring you traffic and then let your website revolve around multi-media marketing program.

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SEO campaign should start immediately after you publish your blog post.

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Know the list of tings to be done for a successful SEO campaign

1.Extensive research for profitable keyword

Keyword research is very important to initiate a successful SEO campaign. Google keyword tool will help you with it. There are thousands of keywords available for your blog post but you have to pick up the rare and unique one. If you are not familiar with the pattern of looking for the right kind of  keywords then visit the blogs of other bloggers and know how did they come up to this.

Strike for the keywords that have a low competition and high search volume. Newbies can also try this trick of looking for the keywords of having low search volume and low competition. I have tried this and it has worked for me. Do let me know in the comment section whether it really works for you too?  

2. Know your website before the SEO campaign

You are the campaigning your own website  so you should evaluate your own website thoroughly

  • Know the niche of your blog
  • What benefit your website can provide the visitors
  • What are the targeted audience of your website
  • What can visitors expect from your blog

This clear cut evaluation will lead to a successful SEO campaign. After all this evaluation is required to know the visitors who will be benefited from your  blog. There is no point in attracting visitors who are looking for something else which your website is not offering.

This evaluation will make you set goals for a successful SEO campaign. You will very well know what you have to do.

3. Get the right kind of back links

Target for the right kind of back links. Automatic links from link building schemes will not do any good for a SEO campaign.  Google judges the relevance of the web pages based on the links that are directed to that page. Google is wiser than you so don’t put repeated links of your website in social media sites. Your blog can even be rejected by this.

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4. Create Email Newsletters

Pass on the information of the latest updates of your blog to your subscribed readers through email newsletters so that you get they visit your blogs regularly. Also encourage your visitors to pass the links of your blog in return of some exciting rewards. This will also provide you with quality back links required for a successful SEO campaign.

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5. Do Onsite Search Engine Optimization

This is also very essential for a successful SEO campaign. List of things you should do for onsite SEO are :

(a) Choose the right title – The SEO title of your block post should have the keyword in it and should be good enough to attract visitors.

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Search engine spiders will crawl the title of each page so these html title tags are very important for a successful SEO campaign.

 (b) Descriptive meta-description – Your meta – description should describe your blog post and should contain the keyword in it so that google bots can spot it.

(c) Quality Content –  Your content should have an appropriate count of keywords but should not be unnecessarily used. Too many repetitions of keywords will make google smell the rat and will reject your website. Uniformity in the keywords is important for SEO. Another side of the coin is that don’t emphasize only on the keywords and forget the quality of the content. Too much usage of keywords will make it difficult for the readers to read and understand your post. A successful SEO campaign demands this.

(d) Frequent blog posts – Google loves fresh content. Keep your blog fresh with frequent updates of old blog posts and new blog posts. You can always add on new information to your old posts so that google recognizes it as a new one. This is a very handy key for a successful SEO campaign.

Concluding words on the list of things to be done for a successful SEO campaign

An SEO campaign cannot be started and executed without a through planning and this will give you better results over a certain period of time. Some bloggers achieve  a successful SEO campaign very fast and some get it lately but fruitful results are obtained if constant efforts are put in then.

What efforts do you make for a successful SEO campaign?

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