How To Handle Negative Blog Comments Like a Politician?

handling negative comments

I love comments on my blog post, as it makes me feel someone is reading & liking my content. At the same time, sometime few comments could be biggest demotivater as they are  not constructive & often written with the intention of hurting the writer.

Recently I got such comment & I was first pissed angry, later hurt & within short span I composed myself to realize I need to deal with such comments smartly. If you have received such negative comments on your articles, you would know the feeling. Even if you haven’t received such hateful comment yet, prepare yourself because trolling & negative comment is going to be part of your online & blogging journey.

You as a blogger will love to have comments for your blog post. But some of them are positive comments and some are negative comments. You literally jump up after getting a positive comment get enticed to it. Moreover you even get back to the author and reply to him/her and even visit his/her website for back links. Am I right?

Now come to negative comments, what do you do when you receive them? It’s human nature to get bogged down with negativity and give up at times. But why? You can be an uncommon one in the crowd, to act positively to negative comments and set an example to others.

How to deal with Negative comments: Smart Way

If it really works for you, in case if you are getting negative comments, then do come back to me in the comment section

1. Keep your spirit high

Don’t put your spirit down with negative comments. It is a vital part of your blogging career so face it. All fingers are not alike so why do expect all visitors to have alike tastes. You ought to prove your point right but before arguing you must understand what the author wants to say.

2. Respond to negative comments

The next step is to respond to the negative reviews. It is ethical for bloggers to respond to reviews. If you are quick enough to respond to positive comments then why not negative comments. So don’t ignore it and hide from it. If you do this it will only spread the fire out.

3. Find out the truth

Do more researches and even discuss it with the person who is saying it wrong. Check out who has a valid point? You or the one who has commented. A depth analysis may bring out some more facts which may have been over looked by you previously. It may also happen that the one giving negative comments understand its flaws and appreciate you for clearing out his/her conception.

4. Be thankful in your reply

Negativity always doesn’t means fighting back. You can calm down the issue or simply take it under your control to draw the author’s attention towards what you are going to say by saying a simple THANKS !! for posting comment.

Handling hateful blog comments

These small words are at times more powerful than hundreds of words.

5. Don’t be too prompt with the apology

There is nothing wrong in saying a SORRY !! But act wisely before saying it for negative comments. If you apologize without finding out the truth then you will be faulty in front of other visitors too. What will strike the eyes of other visitors is “I AM SORRY” and this is all to take them away from your article. So be very careful in doing that.

6. Delete the negative comment

If you find that the comment posted by the visitor is negative and unreasonable, then you can also prevent it from being posted by simply deleting it. Provided if you are the admin of the website.

This is all what I have to say. Do you agree with me? Is it right to give up, remain silent or hide yourself from negative comments. If you start the process of responding online to negative comments with an expectation to turn criticism into appreciation, sooner you will turn out to be a brand blogger and will have a blog brand .

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How do you prefer to respond to negative comments other than the ones mentioned by me? Do let me know in the comment section in case I have missed out any.

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