Email Newsletter or RSS Subscriber: Which Is More Profitable For you?

NewsletterYour website will have only 5 seconds to attract visitors . So you have to adopt some strategies to gather as many repeat visitors as possible in that limited time. Either RSS or Email Newsletter will suffice  your requirement.

In one hand it is important to gain traffic to your website from search engine and on the other hand advertising your website is equally important to spread awareness of your website to prevailing web users. The former ones can be achieved with the help of RSS and the latter one with the help of Email Newsletter.

Before jumping on to the conclusion that which is important RSS or Email Newsletter, I shall describe you both of them and then let you decide which one is weightier.

What is RSS & how it works?

RSS (Rich Site Summary) is a format for delivering regularly changing web content. Many news-related sites, weblogs and other online publishers syndicate their content as an RSS Feed to whoever wants it.

Spam is avoided in RSS and the best thing about RSS is that you get what you have subscribed for.

RSS feed is mainly applicable to the existing users. It gives a convenience to the users of not logging on to their favorite websites again and again. RSS can be read by using Feed readers such as Feedly, Flipboard & others.

In 2015, you might see webmasters saying that RSS is dead, which is partially true. Even though an end users like you & me uses content discovery app such as Prismatic, Zite to find new articles, RSS still plays a major role in article discovery.

It’s recommended to burn your default RSS feed using Google feedburner, so that you can distribute your feed URL. There are still many popular web directories like Alltop which uses RSS feed to pick new articles from a site.

Email Newsletter

An Email Newsletter provides businesses and advertisers with an efficient way of marketing to complement existing advertising strategies and make a hike to their profit margin.

Email Newsletter is great but spam is not. Email newsletter usually result in junk email which turns out to be very painful to follow the latest news of your website. At times you will be unable to read email newsletters either because of spam attacks or sometimes don’t even arrive to your inbox because your ISP is blocking your spam and which can even lead to the blockage of one of your favorite newsletter.

Email newsletter is beneficial for bringing new visitors to your website. It is an efficient way of directly marketing a commercial message.  Newsletters are used for sending ads, request business or solicit sales. It helps in gaining loyalty, trust among users and brand awareness. Email newsletters are more beneficial for news posts which are again beneficial for making the users convince to purchase product.

I shall now share the utilities of both RSS and Email Newsletter.

1. RSS  helps in distributing headlines, new contents and notifications to many people whereas Email Newsletters keep the users up-to-date with the existing content.

2. Email Newsletters are received by emails whereas as RSS uses specific software or web platforms.

3. Email Newsletter have timely content and real time delivery i.e it is current only till the time it is sent whereas RSS is always current.

4.Email Newsletter help customers knowing your organization whereas RSS will help the users to become more acquainted to your website.

 Bottom Line

Email Newsletter is a huge representation of your company and is more beneficial for the businessmen whereas RSS is mainly focused for the webmasters and the readers of your website. Blogs are an efficient way of letting your personal message out to many users but it is a passive method because users have to navigate to your website and then read your blog post.

An attractive newsletter will make the user navigate to your site with just a click. RSS is more comfortable because in this the entire blog post will reach the uses’s inbox. The more users subscribe to RSS the more traffic will be gained by the website.

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